Increase level cap to 100 pls

Hello I am a relatively new player. This lvl 60 regulation annoys me. Once I’m level 60, I lost the fun and i stop playing. Why are there no servers that can freely decide how the restriction should be on their server.
My suggestion: Let the server admins set an LVL end value between 60 - 100.

While I actually agree with you (see this thread for more on the same topic)

I would also like to offer a friendly observation regarding the way CE works - it can be better to think of it not as a game that the focus is getting to max level and then you are in the endgame, try instead to view it as a game where the levelling portion represents the early game and gets you to the point where the main game content opens up. Thinking about it that way helped me to get past the ‘I’ve levelled up, now what?’ phase :slight_smile: (Although, I’ve also seen others quit, so obviously, it doesn’t work for all…)

Also - given that you suggest it as a setting for server admins, I presume you play on either private server or singleplayer mode? - in which case there are multiple mods out there that do raise the level cap, you may be able to find a suitable private server running the mods you want. (Doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be added to the game as an option - mods offer no solution at all for console players, for example - but as a way to do it for yourself, it may help?)

Is there something magical about “100”?

Why wouldn’t hitting 100 cause the same deflated feeling if you don’t enjoy end-game?

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