Increasing the Level Cap as a Gameplay option

No not from funcom, thats have to be mods on privat servers.

But that wouldnt be fair to consoles, unless Funcom went the Fallout 4 route and made the game itself have a mod market place.

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The problem with mods is that it can rather quickly happen that the mods get abandoned, or not get updated for a various amount of reasons.

An official update that adds such a solution will always be the most safe way to implement something like this.

What if instead of att points after level 60, you used points to open permanent perks. Like every level allows you to open 1 of the 1st 2 perks of every attribute as a perma perk. But only the first 2 for each. this way you can have 10 of the 14 first tier perks permanent passives so to speak.

Yes but then it will be non stop spam that they have to implent it everywher!

People use WoW as a comparison because the suggestion is more inline with an MMORPG and not an online survival game. Most surviavle games are more like an esport than an RPG.

This kind of suggestion seems to me more in line with Age of Conan.

I don’t think a simple optional setting like the one I’m suggesting right now can do much more harm that the optional settings we already have.

The thing is that Conan Exiels has not only Survival but also RPG Elements, and there are players like me wo would like to see that the devs would make the RPG Elements a little more rewarding or in the case of this suggestion add a option for players to customize it, so we don’t need to depend on mods that may or may not work as they should, break with every new update of the main game, and maybe get discontinued for various reasons.

And I don’t understand while people like Masmassu are even against a simple optional game setting that they would not need to use if they don’t like it.

Oh an wannabe Hardcore Gamer who wants to tell me how I have to play a game, I haven’t met your kind since the 90’s.

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@Berserk While I can see how your original comment could easily be mistaken for the old ‘git gud’ - as you say, I think it can just be very difficult to offer advice without sounding like you are lecturing (experts often say that as much as 80% of our communication comes from tone, body language, facial expression, gestures etc - all of which are missing in text discussions.)

Your crocodile suggestion is almost exactly the same process I used - they seem like pretty much the perfect opponent for it. Shalebacks and red shalebacks are also good, because they too telegraph their moves (and work very well as training for things like gorillas/grey apes/king rocknose etc). As you say, it helped me get from the early game ‘spam clicking’ where I was just in a blind panic trying to stay alive and helped me get to the point where I now feel more comfortable taking my time and can choose how I attack and move much more freely.

I would also recommend trying the two-handed hammers for a bit - with a decent level character/armor, and initially going after weaker stuff (again crocs and shalebacks are often good start places). Because the hammer attacks are so slow, there really is no benefit in clicking faster, so it can really help get you used to only clicking for the specific attacks you want. (It’s also a great weapon against skeleton archers - provided you connect with the first heavy strike, it ‘pins’ them in place just long enough to hit with the second heavy. Then a pair of light attacks for hits 3 and 4, because they advance forward enough during the attack that the skeleton can’t back off out of range before you hit.)

the first time I beat a corrupted croc with a session 1 character and stone daggers still feels like one of the biggest ‘milestones’ I’ve passed in the game - and gave me so much more confidence in what I can do :slight_smile:

@Nadia - I really like your modified suggestion - seems to me like the ideal answer :slight_smile: Anything that puts more freedom of choice in player/server admin hands seems like it can only be a good thing. For my own gameplay I’d like to raise the level cap a little (not least because my natural RP tendency makes me dislike re-spec potions - I’d rather continue to play the ‘same’ character if that makes sense?). I can also understand those who wouldn’t want it - perhaps for the greater challenge (I can see maybe getting to that point at some stage - I’ve certainly started doing things that are ‘sub-optimal’ just because the seem fun).

I’ve always assumed that the level cap was principally to protect PVP by making sure that there wasn’t too big a gap between new characters and established characters. But I did also have a conversation with an experienced PVPer a while back who was advocating a small increase (perhaps to level 75) as something they felt would be good for PVP. Which just goes to show that there could potentially be interest for such a change across a wide range of game modes. And if it was added as a server setting/gameplay option as you suggest, then I can’t see any way that could negatively impact anyone :slight_smile:


Lol. Yeah because running bleed on 90% of all enemies is skill. Be honest, it is not about skill, but more on meta build and weapons. Skill would suggest that each weapon has a learning curve that would allow one to have a chance against other weapons. But bleed stack, poison stack, hotse combat suggest otherwise.

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Thats boring and tiring, not challenging

Its like fighting an enemy with 99999999 hp


I don’t realy see a reason to play the game like you like to play it, you might have fun to play this way but others see that differently.

Thats also a reason while I want the feature I suggest to be optional, so nobody is forced to play with higher levels if they not want to.

I don’t know while some players fight so hard against something they can ignore if they want to.

Also for PS4 Owners it would be the only way to use higher levels if they want to since they are not able to use mods.


The skill system is tide up and balansed on lv 60, if increasing the level you will just fil up all the bars.

But what do you thing and increast levelig will do? Notthat the rest of the map have to adoped to the new max level and then we are back on step one again.

  1. Conan Exiels is not only a survival game with a hack-n-slash combat system it also has RPG, basebuilding and many other elements, that you are only able to Focus on two of this elements and disregard the rest of the game is not my problem.

  2. I’m not refusing to acknowledge Basic Game Mechanics, I know how to fight in the game, how to Block and to dodge, but there are still to many sections in the game where it is just better to let a Thrall Fight, for for various reasons.

  3. I don’t want to force anyone to play the way I want to do, I just suggested an optional setting that don’t has to be used by players if they don’t want to, like all the other settings that are already in the game, nothing more and nothing less.

  4. Right now you are the only one who throwing a tantrum, you are even trying to convince people to ignore me because I don’t act the way you want me to act, that is just sad.

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So maybe they can set up some type off RPG servers whit and whitout pvp and have an increast level on them? I think it can work if its on spec dedicated servers. And yes not everyone like to be on a privat server.

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Hurt your feelings? If you see any of my posts, i talk how I hagte meta, and i choose to try different weapons. But there is a reason it is meta. And when push comes to shove, only an IDIOT would take the hard way.
FYI, you seem to be a virtual glory chaser. You know, think somehow you are important to me because you paly a game non stop.

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Well would be nice to be able to get all the benches unlocked without losing weapons or armor feats as the new benches alone cost I think 48 feat points so we ran out of feat points early in base game now with more benches that most of them cost 12 feat points but no more feat points on the board, not give any more points. I mean who in heck wants to respec every other day. They keep adding stuff which is good but if you cant build it as never a feat points its a problem.

What cost? Dont understand!

You can get extra feat points after reaching level 60 with special items that drop from bossmonsters and can be found in hidden chests.

Ty yes with fragments of power you can get feat points, 10 per fragment and if you get lucky in the library you can get the table of power which gives you 60 points per book made and used.

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