A 'Prestige' mode....Could it work and Should we have it?

Ok I know theres a good chance I would be getting some angry glares right about now going into this topic. But just hear me out before you get fired up ok peoples. Frankly, I miss the fun of leveling up, and hitting lvl 60 seemes like a lifetime ago now. But I just dont have the man hours in my life to start a new character and work my way from the ground up again. I am not outright suggesting a ‘Prestige’ mode. Hence why it is a General Discussion and not a Suggestion. I just want to ask the community things such as: Is this a good idea? Could it work? Should we adopt it? Within what parameters? And why or why not to all of the above?

Im curious to hear everyones thoughts and ideas on this subject, and would like anyone and everyone to have a bit of a brainstorming session and put their two cents in here.
Ps- Im not a COD player, but I am familiar with the concept.

I just joined a new official im lev 55 in 2.5 days. I am sure others have done much better. Not sure how a prestige mode with insta or quicker levelling would turn out to be much of a benefit.

This is my levelling method:

  1. Journey steps
    2.Kill black hand thralls to lev 30 and gather useful thralls
    3.lev 30-44 do northern thralls. Gather steel bars and useful thralls
  2. Lev 44-60 make vaults as well as steps 1+3.

I haven’t been making vaults this time around either just doing steps 1+3.

Prestige for me could mean some unique cosmetic item or dlc which is fine and certainly sellable to most players.

I think the best progression system I’ve seen so far is SWTOR’s “Galactic Command” system, which awards a player with a lootbox for every level up after the cap.

Another system I enjoy is Fallout 76’s infinite leveling - at each level you can choose to add a perk card, or a re-spec point. It’d be interesting if the perks within the attributes systems in CE can be interchangeable. I.e. you can choose from 8 different perks for tier 1 of agility, and you earn perk choices each level after 50.

The third alternate XP system I’ve enjoyed is EverQuests “Alternate XP” and WoW’s “Legendary Weapon” XP.

I definitely absolutely love it when weapons themselves can level up.

BUT in terms of changing server.

I think if you leave a server ceremoniously through the main quest, you should be able to “uplaod” your character to another server, levels and all, just naked.

Actually what they could do… is take away the leveling to max from the get go and provide Keystones that could give you more level so instead of max cap being at 60 but rather the max cap at 80. but you gotta travel to all the keystones end boss and each keystones provide additional 10 levels. And if you prestige it as in going back to lvl 1. you get No stat boost but rather that Tattoo that you wanted… or that cool wall art for your base… etc that isnt Game breaking but fun stuff. Just something that i liked from Atlas.

I did enjoy getting +5 levels on level cap for every tek-cave progression on ARK.

I do think the rewards ought to be worth more than just cosmetics though. Like a little personal placeable obilisk would be crazy cool.

thing is i love braggin rights with cosmetics… Such as halo 3 and the armor pieces… getting certain achievements was a nice bonus to the armor selections. I never wanted to be handed an OP weapon or be handed with power… but for colorful brag right was alway fun to have.

I feel ya.
Whenever someone loots my body on ARK, they are impressed with my Alpha Implant :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah some cosmetics for going prestige would be nice, especially for bragging rights as Dragoonduneman said. I am obsessed with collecting unique items in games such as this and skyrim. Just on that note actually, I have always wished that Conan himself would give us a unique weapon when we hit lvl 60 through a conversation option. Kind of both as a recognition of the players skill and growth as a warrior, and just as a ‘thanks for playing’ from Funcom. It doesnt even matter if its not that powerful, as long as it looks cool.

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