A terrible idea for prestiging

Funcom seems to be adding more and more content for end-game, which is fine. I personally don’t really like the prestige mechanic in games, but its a cheap mechanic to implement and the more mechanics the better.

I was thinking of two different ideas, the first one is more like the conventional version of prestiging. But you get to keep your character, it just resets all your levels, like a more extreme version of a Yellow Lotus Potion. In my head, you have to head to some altar that absorbs people’s experiences and memories in exchange for some kind of boon. Maybe a permanent attribute point/level.
So you go to the altar when you’re max level, you donate your exile life’s worth of memories of attritubes and feats and you keep your character and your possessions and gain some kind of boon.

The alternate idea is something similar, instead of donating your whole life, you donate a portion of your levels. So you can do this at any time. But you have to donate a chunk of levels maybe. So you donate 10 levels in exchange for some kind of valuable resource of sorts maybe.

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Only if its 1 point, and no more, not repeatable, otherwise everyone would do that non stop.

I like the idea of “sacrifice” yourself or any other thing to gain a benefit (religion comes to mind). I see this fitting into Sorcery, being tied with altars would make them more important, different spells, enchants, curses from each religion.

Yeah you’re right. That would make some people too strong for PvP. Maybe just 1 point. Or something else worthwhile.

Maybe in order to make a Tier 4 Altar, you need to give your life’s experience as a form of commitment to your deity.

Or make bracelet removal more logical. So when you recreate the character (after all, you remain on the server) the character receives some small bonus like a “New game +”

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That is interesting, and makes sense since priests life are consumed at altars too.

I wonder, after the bracelet removal, the character should get the benefit to not be killed by the greenwall, you can touch it and you dont die, you can’t go throu tho, but at least this would be worthwhile as a reward from doing the quest.


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