Admin setting - Indefinite Leveling

The concept of a Prestige option has been raised by myself and other members in the past. The first also included a Poll.

Personally I believe it could work, but there would need to be some limitations in place. For example, each time we prestiged it should not add additional attribute points beyond our level 60 allocation/cap (ie- 390 pts in the old system, not sure what it will be for the new 3.0 one), just slowly re-distribute our previously earned ones as we reprogress through the levels as with before. Otherwise it would destroy the fun of using different attribute builds. However I would be fine with prestige awarding additional feat points as we level up again. After all we can already earn them through fragments of power and tablets of knowledge. In addition it should offer only some minor cosmetic imcentives, such as a changing icon next to the characters health bar, or even a new placeable every X amount of prestiges. This would not only add another end game loop, but allow for additional challenge by allowing individuals to making a conscious, self-imposed decision to return to lower levels. Finally, a no brainer, but it would of course need to be optional.

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