Level cap - Am I missing something?

Hello everyone,
I have a question and maybe suggestions regarding character leveling because I’m in a dissapointing position in my actual game. I reach level 60 yesterday, and what I understand is that I can’t go further.

My problem is that if this is the case then I’m already max level BUT…I barely put a foot outside the south and the middle desert, I didn’t explored the East jungle for now, neither the North, neither the big wall and dungeons of the middle lands. There are also many journey steps I didn’t even completed yet, basicly I only discovered like 20% of the entire game but I already completed my main character progression so how is this possible ?

It’s a big issue for me because now I don’t even bother to stop to fight NPCs or monsters on my road - there is no point on doing that at least if you don’t need any specific items or ingredients found on them.

If this tends to be true then I have two more suggestions here :

1 - Find a way to somehow link even more character leveling system with global game progression. It feels strange to me to achieve max level without even completing all journey steps and barely exploring 20-25% of the entire game. I guess many journey steps are directly tied to defeating dungeon bosses because I earned one by defeating the first boss. So I guess it might be an idea (not sure if this one is good) to “soft cap” level until some requirements are met to progress, and this by unlocking journey steps. The downside of this is that your level will be caped more times during the game and this will impact feats points as well so I’m not sure it would work well. However what I’m sure of is that there is something to do here (maybe dissociate feats points from levels ?).

2 - If first suggestion can’t be met and if 60 is a real definitive level cap for stats (wich I can understand), then consider adding some kind of “prestige” levels after level 60 so the player can continue to level up almost forever, you can see that kind of formula in some hack and slash games like Diablo (Parangon system), you could also imagine that each 10 “prestige levels” unlocks some kind of very small passive bonus like 1% more damage or somethnig similar. With this system you could be for exemple Character lvl 60 - Prestige lvl 15 etc…

That’s it, thank you for reading, I hope to somehow miss something regarding levels because for me it’s a bit of a letdown for now.

You’ve reached endgame content.

You gain experience for discovering locations. Some people have done just that when they start a new character.

You still need to level each toon.

That idea has been brought up, and the follower levels have that mechanic.

You just reached the level cap that doesn’t mean the game end there, there are tons of things you can do, dungeons to explore, thralls to capture, items to collect. places to discover and the journal steps to unlock and, if you want it to end, a quest to escape the exiled lands.

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Sadly by the time i reach level 60 the game starts to crashh more and more until i find i have no choice but start anew ! … at level 60 you have not learned all the feats but yellow lotus potion is supposed to allow you to reset your attributes and feats , it used to work ok ! now you seem unable to actuallly use many of the feats ?? There is a mod in the workshop though that allows you to level up to 100 ! that means you have everything ! … It seems to work as last game i reached level 67 or 8 before the game had to be restarted ! … I do not think mods have any impact on the crashing as even without them its the same ! currently i am trying the game after deleting the riders DLC ! ?? Maybe ???

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