[Suggestion] Official Mode: [Brutal] on a new server

Before I begin my suggestion I want make I point out that this new server mode should have a PvE, Pve-C, as well as a PvP versions. Maybe this could be displayed as either as an example: B PvP or PvP B just as an example with of course alternating the combat type (ie. PvE, PVE-C, etc).

Alright now into it. What I would like to suggest is a more difficult experience on an Official server. Not to be confused with the single player mode “Barbaric” though it would share many of the aspects of that mode. “Brutal” mode servers would have more environmental impacts on the player than the regular “vanilla” versions of the other modes (ie. PvP, PvE, PvE-C) presently have. Right of the top some points of this would be :

  • Decay timer would lose more time everytime a weather event happens (Sandstorms, snowstorms, rain). To compensate for sandstorms being infrequent in deserts and seldom if ever rain these desert and volcano areas will have a bit more continuous decay timer loss at all times .

  • Night time adds a chance of an undead creature (ie, skeletons, bat demons, undead creatures) encounter (attack) near a player and/or at player’s base to spice up nighttime hunts and attacks. These encounters can happen at the same time as a purge (the undead encounter will be of a much small group size, usually 1-4 ) and may in fact attack purge npcs at the base or player location (not before the purge reaches the player or base). The encounter creatures will disappear (think Isle of Siptah Maelstrom creature appearing and disappearing) at the end of nighttime whether attacking or not and the bodies will also disappear . The bodies will also contain no loot and if harvested will provide only putrid meat.

  • Above light corruption levels causes npcs that normally would not attack you to attack you on sight.

-Temperature damage effects doubled.

Just a few sample ideas to spice up play and I may edit to add more.

Please comment (respectfully, please)

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