SUGGESTION! Thrall Commands

What if an item was implemented, a whip or something, that as you crafted and created it you could better command your thrall following you via a small pop up command window.

Lets say it is a whip, I have a fighter thrall following me. A meet another person to “duel our thralls” or Pit fight. I click on my whip on my action bar and a small action bar above the normal one pops up. Could use like F1-F4 commands OR ctrl commands or something. I can hover target his thrall and have them attack each other. The thralls duel it out and winner goes BACK to the owner and bam a better command system for thralls is implemented. Doesn’t allow you to command more then one at a time but it allows more actions for that one. Also, could make it where thralls that damage a target alone yield the xp over the owner. This would make it so people couldn’t get a thrall and just use it to farm xp.

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