Thrall commands : Kill / Enslave / Run from target

Hello, been while when i thinked about new Slave commands, of course i thinked about it when i actually lost level 20 thrall in asgard while trying to get T4 priest…

So about commands : there is already not radial menu commands like attack, or return. So i thinked, what if devs can add 3 new commands that can be maked from distance…

  1. Kill - This one set warrior or any folower to switch weapon from any enslaving truncheons to sharp or other weapon in thrall inventory that can do damage… So thrall just can start to fight back not look like idiot while being killed by 10 npc…
  2. Enslave - Same as first , but this one make thrall to use ONLY blunted truncheons… to enslave new slaves.
  3. Run - This command just make thrall to run from his primary target, to gain distance and regain health ( like return but not to player but away from enemy like 10 steeps)

Soo what everyone think about this, this would be good stuff, because now i think everyone need to swap manually weapons in thrall inventory … but then they can use what they are told to use :slight_smile:


I agree with this suggestion as it would help streamline commands and improve follower usability. I do not enjoy having to manually swap weapons on my thrall during a fight when a named thrall appears.

I would go on a limb and suggest they add an additional script to the AI to be able to determine type of attack. Something as simple as “knock out named thralls” so if they target one they don’t need their hand held.

Granted, I imagine the complexity and the myriad bugs that already exist is plenty reason not to.


With that knock out named i think will be problems, or even worse - new bugs

Just imagine, like me in asagarth, there is 50% of one T4 spawn each time almost Anastasia example or what was her name, slave will see her and pick out blunt, then he gets hitted by T3 or less, and he will pick out sword, then T4 pick blunt, basically this will turn them mad, just like now with big momma, when trhalls are such idiots that pick sword, put it away pick , put away, pick… and will go loop… better just player commands not new AI…


Agreed, no amount of scripting would prevent that. Maybe by prioritizing combat to remove select thralls in order to engage named thrall for knock out could work.

Still, what you explain is the most likely outcome of such a change. it would turn into a lot of thrall fatalities.

Ehh seems nobody think this is good… 4 days noone say anything anymore :frowning:

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