Suggestions of Improved Information, Factions, Equipment, Thralls, AI, Weather

[Game information and Quests]

  • Make Journey information more detailed. Like level requirements, where to go, no map markers, but better detail. You have to google alot to figure out what to do. I know exploring is good, but most players have a low patience and most likely quit if they are confused. The first chapter in the journey should be rebuilt as a tutorial for the game, gathering, building, crafting and combat.

  • The ending should be more satisfying, perhaps changed to giving you increased stats if you remove the bracelet “5 points to an attribute of your choice” while giving you the choice to manually walk trough the cursewall to end the game.


  • Loved the Dregs dungeon, would be cool to see more of those in the future. But the rewards felt lacking, only the meat from the abysmal worm is useful.

  • Any plans on opening up the area above the jungle? Theres plenty of space to create a new zone on the eastern side of the volcano.


  • Would be interesting to see the factions better fleshed out. Like making friends with some or enemies with others, giving you different rewards. I liked the faction system in Fallout: New Vegas alot and it gave different endings to the game. Right now it seems silly you can just go to Sepermaru and murder everyone without them reacting next time you visit, still staying neutral.

[Weapons and Equipment]

  • Progression is a mess in end game, too many different weapons at your disposal at lvl 60, some with junk damage, some with good damage. They need to be balanced better, or set weapons in different levels. An example.

    10 = Stone
    20 = Iron
    30 = Steel
    40 = Hardened Steel
    50 = Starmetal, Dragonbone, Black Ice
    60 = Legendary Weapons and Armor / End Game dungeon rewards?

    I noticed the problem were Teliths weapons were way stronger than dragonbone or starmetal and even legendaries, the choice being obvious.

  • Giving weapons an item level at end game can let you decide whats better and how the progression goes. Much like MMO’s

  • Since the game have been switched to 3rd person i would love to see weapons holstered on your character and a quiver slot in the inventory for arrows, a quiver for archer thralls too, perhaps creating different quivers from hides with different stats? Faster reload and so on. Ammo should automaticly be used from the slot, instead of dragging the arrows onto the bow. An ammo counter would be useful too.

  • Bow damage needs to be increased to be useful, right now throwing everything into accuracy will make less points for other more important attributes such as Encumberance “Carrying more arrows”, Agility, Grit.

  • Arrows should be rebalanced, for example abysmal and razor arrows should deal a bleed effect. The only arrows that are useful right now are snake arrows. Fire arrows should lit enemies on fire and deal damage over time too.

  • Throwing weapons need to be stackable, dragging 1 throwing weapon into your hotbar is tedious and most likely will mean certain death. Throwing weapons damage need to be rebalanced, right now you can equip Thralls with 1 throwing axe and they will machine gun anything in a few seconds, much better than bows.

  • Bows and Throwables should be balanced so people can choose between either playstyle without loosing damage. Giving each playstyle different pros and cons.


  • Thief armor should have the knife on the butt removed, it just looks silly, better switching for satchels instead. Any weapons stuck to armor should be removed.

  • Some armor remove the bracelet, which makes no sense. for example the gloves for the Darketo armor.

  • Perhaps a backpack slot or satchels in the inventory to give you more encumberance?

  • Cloaks would be cool too, providing extra warmth in cold climates.


  • Allow players to set Dances on performing thralls from the ones you found on your travels.

  • Performing Thralls on musical instruments would be cool, bringing more live to an otherwise ghost town of a base.

  • Thralls do not equip bombs automatically while they are in their inventory, i was testing having one Thrall with a gas orb and the other with a demon fire one, i had to manually drag the orbs into their main hand to make them use them and they would run up to the enemy and use them, putting themselves in danger. Thralls with gas bombs and Sandstorm masks is an interesting tactic to have and even mixing the bombs for greater effect.

  • A different Thrall for orbs would be cool, like a mage or alchemist.

  • Bombs / Ammo should be required to be stackable on Thralls and make them use ammunition, much like turrets in ARK. You have to put stacks of ammo on them to make sure they are always ready for combat. If they get in melee range with enemies they should change to a melee weapon.

  • Would been cool if Thralls talked to each other, bringing up different topics like the weather, happenings around the world and so on. I know its alot of work writing, creating dialog and voice actors. But would make the world feel more alive.


  • PVP wise, walls need a buff or have the same hp as foundations. At this moment whenever you go on a pvp server you see minecraft houses since its the only way to stay protected from bombs and avatars. Buff walls, give them more hp like the foundations so that people can use pretty built houses again.

  • The black ice triangle ceilings bother me with their ice crystals, they poke trough anything placed on them. I like the black flooring, but the ice crystals sorta ruin it.

  • Would been nice if you can choose to move an attached fence / wall piece diagonally. Ark gives you this choice.

[Enemy AI]

  • If players are on elevated ground or the enemies can’t reach you. They should find cover or run away. Fallout 3, New Vegas use this mechanic.

  • In purges if bases can’t be reached by normal means, enemies should use trebuchetes, climb or swim to reach you.


  • Rain FX shows up in buildings even if you have a roof, would be nice to have a graphics option to disable it untill it can be solved. Right now it puts alot of reflections on surfaces and makes any kinds of lights blinding. The raindrops are fine. World of Warcraft does not have any surface fx for rain, only raindrops.

  • Sandstorms damage you in the jungle or even caves. They need to be better contained in the desert, starting from the far west and ending at the yellow grounds between the desert and the jungle.


What about something like faction wars as in wars between the factions in the game as well patrols and army groups?

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That may be a bit too much change from the core game. Its mainly a survival game with pvp and exploration, sure it would be nice if the factions did more like patrolling the world and being at war with eachother, but then again, its a ton of work to implement. And with all the bugs and glitches thats currently in priority, it would take half a year or a year before they could implement anything new content wise.

But even better. Give us something g to do in the jungle. The witch queen is cool but not enough.

I don’t understand what you mean by saying “change your character” your character gets deleted and you have to start over from the beginning in the desert. You loose everything.

Variety is good sure, but everyone still runs around in black keep equipment at 60, because its easy to repair, even easier than legendary weapons. Legendary weapons are supposed to be the best of the best and you have to defeat bosses with insane amounts of health. The reason progression needs more work is to give people more choices at lvl 40 and 50. Everything gets locked away at 60 with the hafts and ropes.

I don’t see whats different with the jungle to the other zones. Theres a dungeon, theres bosses, theres thrall camps. Sure they could add some more dungeons to each zone, but opening up a new zone would be cool too, adding more new content for those who are bored already.

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