Minor but HUGE game improvements! Like if you want to see these

new weapons variations

with fight arena DLC it would be nice to have:

1 dual swords – aka fanatic style

2 spears and tridents for shields, (longer versions of javelins) – aka gladiator style

3 staffs, blunt and blade version – aka monk style

4 big heavy round and rectangular shields – aka hoplite/protector style

Journey steps need both descriptions (pre and after)

first part contains useful info, if you finish step accidentally, you will not read it (for ex. Dye an item step… Glass can be crafted from crystal…)

Notes and journals

ability to write messages? Ability to pin dagger note to other player bases

Clan restrictions

guest status for some clan members? So they cant pick/dismantle/open closed doors and chests

We are badly need some restrictions, cause now clan system is a mess, people just don’t want invite any1 because newbies can destroy and steal, no safe rooms and chests, no privacy at all

Or maybe simple, ability to give some peps permission to put their beds inside your building zone? Like tenants or smth, can live but cant do anything =)

Water splash

Some cool water effect when you jump into water from 38383m? Jesus, people love to do this…but it looks very dull now…

Anyway this game still awesome, but it would be nice to have some of this stuff

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