If you could add 1 thing and remove 1 to the game what would it be?

Hello conan friends, once again I’m back playing the game after a long 6 month break. Why you may ask? Honestly I just always enjoy playing the game again it seems to have something I cannot find anywhere else, minus the bugs of course and i find they have some very interesting ones right now to say the least… but I’m not here to complain about all that is for another post. Anyway I just wanted to know what everyone would like to see added and removed from the game as you can see from the title.My suggestion is Horses removed from the game the reason I say this is because I mainly play solo pvp servers and I miss being able to run around without looking behind every 10 seconds hoping there is not a full clan behind me… although it can also be fun to try escape but usually it ends as you would imagine. in playing I have learned some not so horse friendy routes to take. Obviously people will disagree horses are also very helpful in situations. My other suggestion to add 1 thing would be a personal storage were you can store all your equipped armour and weapons in selected slots almost like the new feature they added when you die and retrieve your stuff but in a personal chest you can equip and unequip I don’t know how else to explain it hope you know what I mean. feel free to tell me your suggestions too :slight_smile:


So, you would remove the thing that the player base has been begging for since early access? :woman_facepalming:


I mean in my opinion yes I preferred when they did not have horses in the game I’m sure I’m not the only 1 and I rarely use them anyway so thats why I suggest it. But I’m not against the people that like to use them


I got to many on my add list over years… still waiting to get lucky once.

Remove? No Build Zones in Single Player. They can burn in Ultra Hell. >_>

Add… Something far out there, Custom Crafter thralls.
Or even Outfit Selector for Crafting Thralls, So they can all match up.
I just hate turbans and aporns…


I think you are trying to describe what Diablo 3 has, a wardrobe, that with one click changes all your gear to a previously saved setup. I agree that this would be a fun addition. :beer:

Take away:

  • Can I be cheesy and say ‘all the bugs?’ :grimacing: :sweat_smile:
    No, in reality I would have to say one bug stands out above all others as King of Annoyance Ville. When oversized mobs spin in place and you get stuck inside them (like the rhino boss or Red Mother). Getting rid of that one bug would make me SOOOO happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Baby dragons as mounts (no fire breathing necessary). I don’t feel this requires any explanation and I’m pretty sure it will never happen, but I can still dream. :sunglasses:

I’d add working character physics and remove the no build zones in my singleplayer game :crazy_face:


Remove negative follower “perks.”

Add sorcery.


Remove Fence Foundations so there are no more base designs that just spam stack them.
Add other random environmental events similar to the sandstorm to different biomes like a blizzard in the snow biome etc.

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Remove: multiplayer elements in single player, namely: waiting 10 seconds to respawn, and pressing esc not stopping the game, disconnecting (from what??) before exiting.

Add: some kind of reputation system, where different races are in war/neutral/piece with other nations. X is in war with Y, so if you kill Y members, you gain reputation at race X, so they less likely want to attack you, but lose reputation at race Y. And probably some random battles between X and Y.


Add: some additional in-game goodies and artifacts for Crom. :mountain_snow:

Remove: any and all building restrictions for Singleplayer mode.


Transmutation, just put your fav skin on your meta armor/weapon
“May this will be in game someday”

Like said up there, no build zones yey

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I can’t agree more. I’m ok with my follower gaining +18 survival :sweat: but does he have to loose 5 in strength with that?! :sob:

a system that makes it possible to enslave other players for a short period of time. It should not be easy to knock one out and you should be able to open the doors of your slavers’ base in order to escape, but DAMN I wouldn’t mind turning the wheel of pain for a minute and then try to escape my pursuer in a thrilling game of hide and seek after a moonlight flight.


For my removal: Some of the land claim and clan features. This is just a personal thing on my server as we try to have RP events that involve thieves and their various bags of skills. Mostly notably, trying to restrict access to one group but not another WITHOUT clan attachment. We’ve figured out some work arounds but it’s a pain in the butt.

For my addition: I’ll simply channel some old-school players…a magic system!!!

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Add: baboons

Remove: baboons

Or vice versa


Add: Priest Follower who can help heal you and the troops. (Wolololo optional.)

Remove: Target Lock.


Add Strength and weaknesses based on weapon and target. Melee is weak against horses, horses weak against archers, archers weak against melee.

Remove: RNG nightmare in Siptah. Rewards luck and time vs skill and knowledge.

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It would be reverse, as I ran into baboons in Spitah down in the south area! :wink:

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Add a better testing system.

Remove the bugs from a lame testing system

Add: True crossplay for all platforms
Remove: Grinding-Rng (Fragment receipes & similar)


Yes… but are they immortal baboons?