Summon corpse not working ps5

I dont die often but the last two times i had no body or bones so i went to my base to summon my corpse but nothing appeared. I have lost 2 high grade sets of gear, thrall weapons, dungeon keys etc… am i doing something wrong or is there a problem?


This game is really buggy. I had the same issue, i summoned my body and it wasnt showing so i went back to the place i died and it was gone. Turns out i successfully summoned my body but it was just invisible. Maybe the same thing is happening to you? Like try walking towards the middle and looking at the sky? Next time you summon your corpse.


Welcome! You do nothing wrong!
It happened to me too! In the four times I summoned my corpse so far, on 3 efforts I crussed and once I lost everything like you. So after this I don’t trust sorcery on official servers.
On private servers it works fine!

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you all for your messages. Can you please share with us the server number and where did your character died?
Also, if you remember what was the cause of death, it could assist us in this investigation.

We await your reply.

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Official server 8080! The cause of death was remove my bracelet. I had little time and I came up with this idea to go faster back to base and summon my corpse (I had to pick up my son from his private lesson and I didn’t have enough time to go back to base)
. At the time of my summoning the game crushed, the rest is history!
Thank you for this reply @Mayra!

Edit. Ps4 console the eldest one!



Thank you very much for the additional information. We will ask our team to investigate it.

Have a great day!

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