Summoned Surge T1, T2, T3 Tiers what is the point?

As I found out T4 thralls are the best and can only be found in T4 Surge. So the question is: why do I need other surge tiers then? I already have T3 fighter from wild surge, since 2.1 I already found all T3 crafters from wild surge too. I came to Leyshrine, summoned T3 Surge and… just killed everyone there because I don’t need them. And this is not about luck, no, all T3 thralls can be easily found in Wild Surge. What is the point then? T3 Surge fighters and crafters are better than Wild Surge fighters and crafters?

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T2 & T3 surge fighters are better than Wild Surge fighters. The crafters, OTOH, are not. However… T4 surge fighters are significantly better than T2 or T3 fighters. There is at best an incentive to summon 1 T2 or T3 surge to get a couple stronger Fighters III before moving on to summoning T4 surges forever… but even that isn’t strictly necessary, as you could just as easily hoard Decayed Eld and use the KO devices on a T4 surge to get better still combat thralls.

Right now, the devs have gone to the trouble of defining factions with unique looks for T2 and T3, and aside from a cosmetic desire to get some different outfits for bench thralls, there’s literally no reason to summon them - T4 surges give you everything they do, and more. If 1000 Swirling Chaos T4s had a real, non-trivial chance to end up being Calamity Surges, and T2 & T3 had a small, but real, chance to give you 1-2 (non-purge) T4 combatants and 0-1 (non-purge) T4 crafters, there would be a reason to run lower-tier surges. Under that model, T2 and T3 aren’t guaranteed chances at the thralls you want - say 1/4th of T2s give any T4 thralls of any sort, and 1/2 of T3s - but while T4s are guaranteed to give you some T4 combatants, a decent chance at T4 crafters, and the chance to get purge-tier examples of both, they’d also have a real (I’d go for at least 20%) chance to give you no thralls at all. T2 and T3 would become a safe way to get at least something with a chance to get something good, and T4 would be overall much better rewards but a chance to give nothing at all. This has the advantage of making the Calamity Surge content something that will actually appear in the game; right now it does not b/c no one ever will use more than 1000 Swirling Chaos.

T1 surges are (and should probably remain) moreso a source of essences for shrines than anything else. Having said that, the devs really need to do a balancing pass over them; the various directions are wildly disparate in terms of both difficulty and reward (i.e., West is mostly non-tamable 0-skull Treasure Hunter Elites, Center apparently is a lot of hyenas, and the other directions are just thralls), and overall the amount of crafters needs looked at, as right now the 7 waves in a summoned T1 surge gives about as many - and about as good - crafters as an average Wild Surge… Okay, yes, with 1-2 T1 priests. Still my beating heart.

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i was able to complete all the content with no crafters and 1 T3 fighter from a wild surge.

so i fail to see the point of this entire DLC

different tiers of surges should just dictate the chance of getting t4s,

regardless of the chaos used to summon the surge, you should have random access to factions, for instance…

if you summon one in the north, a t2 t3 or t4 surge could bring you , cimmerians, aesir, vanir, (just an example, the east , could bring you lemurians, black hands and darfari, south , exiles and darfari, or a religions faction. and so on. add a variety to make things interesting, but the higher the chaos used, the higher the chance for t4s.

Try using a wild surge T3 against a T4 surge at one of the ley shrines. It’s pretty tough. The East summons in particular has some fishmen with tridents that will give you a rough time.

That said, I agree with you about T3 wild surge thrall and most of the game. Sabertooth is a lot better if you are going for kills. Problem is it will kill anything you want to make into a thrall. But hopefully much more end game content is coming. Siptah really desperately needs it.

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