Sunken City dungeon instance and its map location

I know this has been reported before and honestly, it’s not a bug.
But what it is, is a damned fool mistake.

The sandstorm has been there since the early days.
The sunken city as an addition much later on.
Now why on Earth would someone place the sunken city …
on the side of the map …
directly in the path …
of the sand storm?
Seriously: You really need to move the location of the sunken city.
That was a really dumb thing to do.


This was listed as fixed in the Age of War Chapter 2 patch notes.

If you’re seeing it happening again, I’d suggest filling out another Bug report because they likely assume it’s not an issue anymore.

Tell me if I’m reading your reply right.
Did you just tell me they fixed it?

“The sandstorm will no longer spawn inside of the Sunken City dungeon.”

That was back in September. I haven’t seen it happen recently, but admittedly I have probably only done that dungeon once or twice since then.

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