Sunken City Final boss room shenanigans

Pretty simple one but if your solo playing the sunken city the final room is toxic as. If you die down there without a thrall your pretty much screwed without some real hectic running around and speed inventory selections lol. You can’t get down there without taking a bunch of damage and there is absolutely nowhere safe to gear up again after collecting your stuff ( assuming of course that you managed to dodge all the enemies there with very little health to grab your stuff :joy:) I think that the drop down needs to go. Should be a way to drop down ledges without taking damage but I have not found a way. Having 1/4 of your health in a room with two boss creatures and like 5 fairly strong normal enemies without any gear is not a really fun situation. Lost count of the times I died trying to equip a weapon and some aloe soup before I finally managed to get a foothold enough to get back on top of the rooms enemies. It’s not well designed in my opinion. Just let me down without taking unavoidable damage :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ts not like I don’t understand the problem, but I think is not a problem of design but a problem of preparation by the players.

Even when I was leveling I was used to build an outpost in new areas I wanted to explore, for a dungeon like this one the needs are almost the same: building an outpost in the jungle where to place a bed or bedroll + a chest with a weapon and an armour + some breathing and healing potions and a conservation box for food has to be a must before adventuring in Sunken City.


Aye, as a general rule I agree. When I was exploring the Volcano, I died more times to running around like a headless chicken trying to recover my corpse than to anything else. If I took my time doing a small bit of prep work (gas mask and water skin basically) before going back, I would normally succeed in recovering my body. I generally don’t use a thrall in the Volcano as they tend to suicide sooner rather than later.

Disclaimer: Still haven’t explored the Sunken City. I may be way off. :blush:

While I am sure that exploring the dungeon should be done with a thrall, for just the reasons stated above, we had a little different type of issue in the final room.

We have a group of five players & accompanying thralls exploring. When we defeated the final bosses, everyone turned to leave by the portals. I was the only one to go to the Sentinels, but I was also dragging a Prisoner, which we have done before.

After I left, two players in our group said the portals were closed and they were trapped. It was the first time it had ever happened in multiple trips. I assume they are on a timer, but they should stay open at least until five minutes before the respawn.

I put my thrall on the wheel, teleported back to the jungle, into the dungeon, and ran/swam back to the final room without engaging enemies. I got there in time to help fight off the final enemies, and we all left at the same time.

I think the timer should be addressed on the portals out of the dungeon. There’s no need to wait 15 minutes for the enemies to spawn again.

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I will probably test time it tonight.
But in reality, if it is 1 minute, that is plenty of time to leave. 5 minutes seems like a bit much, unless there is some cheesing going on for thralls and such.

Think about it. The doors open as soon as the queen is killed. That’s well before you’ve had time to go up on the platform and look around. You lead a first timer and say, “read this tablet here.” You need time for that.

If you have group, do you split the spoils before you go your separate ways through separate portals, or do you leave quickly and meet up later?

I don’t know why it happened so fast last night, but it has never happened before.

This should be pre decided.
But i agree, instant no, but 1 minute is more than enough to couble check areas. Maybe a 15 second warning of it starting to glow, but again, unitl i run an actual time trial, i don’t know how long it stays open.

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