Sup with the console updates we are all waiting for?

When will we get a post regarding the status of patches/hotfixes/updates? If vacations were 1 month long, FC has had almost 2 work weeks back in office. Not a thing posted. Noone will give any details regarding vacation length this year. When i tried to find out i got replies, but 0 details. So i pressed it with direct questions and asked for direct answers. That reply had 0 details or answers, again. Then was locked…i honestly feel we are not going to see improvements to CE for months still. We cannot confirm that any progress has been made so far this month. If FC vacations are 2 months long this year, we have weeks still until they return. Weeks for them to figure out what the issues are and how to fix them. Then we have to wait on certification. And we are supposed to ignore this. Just keep losing thralls under the ground, experiencing Legendary Lag, and having the fun choked out of CE…

Hope FC has a very enjoyable and relaxing vacation…while the players get to experience the complete opposite…frustration and tension…

Last update was yesterday for PlayStation:


That applies to a patch FC has been sitting on for over a month. And they use the downloading of the entire game and all content as the reason for holding it back? How many replies from community members and moderators have you seen that suggest uninstall and reinstall as a method to fix an issue created by the patches themselves?..its prolly Sony telling them its not certified cause sony dosent want to deal with every conan player dling that much data over a few days…

Hey there,

We do have already a thread where we discuss this patch, as @Zeb kindly pointed out above, linking to the latest status update we shared yesterday. Should you have additional questions regarding that patch, please use that thread instead.