Superconductor passive not working?

I have Mjolnir slotted with Superconductor Passive as well. As I understand it this should stop the Active (Mjolnir) from glancing. Yet I just completed a Rogue Agent (At E13) and noticed my Mjolnir glanced three times in a row.
Also happened in Under Darkness.

What often happens is DoTs and other effects begin glancing when you swap to your Elemental Focus. I am assuming you run hit rating on your mainhand but not your Ele focus?

I could do further testing but 25 Moljnirs with Zero hit rating on the E17 Dummy has yielded ZERO glances from Moljnir, However my Keepsake Tali proc did glance.

Good thoughts … however the glances occurred after HE Grenade hit and before anything that applies a dot … I’ll try on the dummies though … that’s a good idea :smiley:

HE Grenade does apply an 8 second DoT though. So anytime in this 8 second window if you swap to a weapon with less hit rating then required there is a possibility one of those ticks will glance. Fortunately with HEG at least the DoT effect is not the bulk of the overall abilities damage.

Actually that would explain it … Thank you :smiley:

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