Surge Armorers and Blacksmiths likely have wrong drop weights

Game mode: all
Type of issue: Bug

You’ll notice in this example that Yoggites_Blacksmith_4b is out of place. He should be on the bottom with the other two (red highlighted) t4 blacksmiths. (An example of the normal positioning are the cyan highlighted t4 carpenters.) Typically the blacksmith should have a weight of 12 or 13 in this case, but it has 6 instead, which is exactly the same as the weight of the t4 armorer directly above it.

This occurs in a number of factions to (especially) armorers and blacksmiths, where one of their t4s is out of place at the top of the list of (say) blacksmiths, instead of at the bottom with the other t4 blacksmiths (or armorers). AND EVERY TIME IT IS MISPLACED IN THIS MANNER IT HAS THE SAME WEIGHT AS THE THRALL (of a different type) ABOVE IT ON THE TABLE. (Caps for emphasis, not screaming at you.) Most of the time that weight is totally out of whack with what it ought to be if you follow the same pattern with all other parts of the tables.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to this devkit location: Content>Systems>SpawnTable>WeightedSpawnTableRow
  2. Look at the example/pic I gave above.
  3. Comb thru the rest of the table, faction by faction and notice the same error is repeated a number of times. (You should only have to look at the t4 surges since the others don’t drop t4 thralls.)
  4. Think to yourself, “Self. I think Skalla is onto something here. We ought to give him free DLCs for life, I’ll boot that one on over to someone who can see it gets done!”

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