Suspect journal logs after being raided


With my clan, we recently got raided. We checked the logs and we detected odd inconsistencies in the journal.
We are one the server #1092.

First, we had an army of animals, more than 60 at the same place. They all got killed by only one guy named “Valkyrya”. The weird thing is that yes he doesn’t die whereas the animals were high level but that he kills animals in 2 seconds, even white tiger. Even ourselves being super well stuffed, we couldn’t survive to that for more than 1 min.

Also all the vaults, and that is super weird, got opened without being destroyed. They were all closed and they were all opened once we connected. It’s an official server so that makes no sense.

At last but not least, the way he entered the base is odd. The base was built on a high mountain. Very high, we had fences and just one fence was precisely destroyed. I don’t see how only one fence could be destroyed whereas it is super high, not reachable by any orb.

This same chinese guy also got a big base and not with dark ice, but with the Aquilonian foundations (which takes quite some resource).
He built multiple wall of that with millions (don’t exagerate, go see yourself) of those foundations like he was admin on the server. He even built until the limit of the map taking the entire sea in the east. I’ve never seen such thing in my life in conan on a pvp server. Some people say he is cheating but it would be great to have the team to check on it. Basically, it kills the games and just make us stop to fairly play on pvp server.

Let me know what you think, I took some screenshot of this journal since it looks too odd in my opinion.
I cannot share it since it says I’m new.


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In all cases of possible exploits or possible glitch playing on official servers, always report via the link in the official rules

Some very large bases are built by clans. If a clan has been on a server for a long time, even if clan member have move to other servers, all of the clan resources and materials remain. Aquilonian build pieces are the same as all other tier 3 build pieces. Black Ice build pieces are harder as they need Black Ice as well. Argossian, Turanian, and all the other DLC base pieces have the same ingredients and strength.

Funcom made changes to the Trebuchet. It now reaches Huge distances so you can likely reach that base no matter how high it is.

If you build with hundreds of build-pieces your own game starts lagging. At a certain level you would find the game very hard to play. If that player has built so big, then their game will be very slow. Most times, players that build so big will move to other servers or games because it gets boring. If the player moves to another server then the game Decay system will make their base, no matter how large, start to decay and disappear.

You can also check other servers that don’t have players like that or look at private servers that have Admins that stop exploits.

But use the link above to report the player’s base if you think it’s an exploit.

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If you go pvp FORGET the animals. Even a noob can farm mushrooms and wipe out 60 animals with poison arrows. USE THRALLS ONLY. At the beginning wear them sandstorm masks and simple armors, but not encumbrance armors. Put armors for what they do, Accuracy to the archers, strenth to fighters. Put your archers on pillars, not in the ground or foundations. Go to Teimos camp and farm 30 of them. They gain really high hp and they are pain in the a… to kill. Fix an army for pvp not a zoo. Farm the dragons in the unnamed city and fix dragon bone weapons. If your raiders kill your thralls they gain nothing. Still dragon bone weapons are serius threat in a thralls hand. Fix a post near deep waters and place 2 vaults there. The damage that a bomb is doing to an under water vault is just 1hp. Only a god can destroy an under water vault, or 50.000 bombs :joy::joy::joy:.
Surely a hack is not a good thing and it must be reported, still you have to learn the game better and make it difficult even for a hacker :wink:.


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