Suspensions, Bans, Terms of conduct, Moderator actions. Especially in relation to broken game performance

You mean like a PVE server?

I went to a private server for active admin. Which it doesn’t need because people are respectful of not only the TOS but other players. Yes there are some spectacular builds but the don’t block my way and don’t lag me down. None the less, I have been on a few private servers that just

Bit Zendesk is “hired” by FC, so coming back here to relay that thier 3rd party report system is not helpful is the right way to handle that issue.


I think that’s where a lot of people make the mistake… they assume that there’s anything beyond Zendesk… if you don’t like the decision they make. Because we’re used to complaining about everything and anything in these modern days until we get our way, no?

This is not court… you can’t escalate… :man_shrugging: you don’t have a “justice” to fight for here…
@Taemien tried pointing that out several times, but it’s just proving to be too big of a pill for most modern gamers to swallow, because it hurts their ego and it’s understandably frustrating from their point of view…

At the end of the day, they either let you play on their servers or they don’t… and I haven’t heard of a single instance where discussing it on the forums made any change regarding that, have you?

Zendesk manages official servers… nobody else… they’re both the beginning and the end of the line.
Would I do it differently? Sure… I’m sure a lot here would… but it’s not up to me or them…

There are private servers that handle more than 40 active players. Problem is, for that kind of performance the game requires hardware that isn’t available to the legion of free official servers.

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Yes. Insasmuch as some on the forums consider it good enough and “common sense” and like to use the argument that you can’t have black and white rules because of the nature of the game, the reality is that the ToC is very unclear. It needs clarification. AND the mods have communicated as such and it is being worked on. It isn’t their most pressing concern though so it will come with time. Perhaps.

It has been outlined many times in this post why it may be too labour intensive to do so. I believe it should be implemented though and I am sure there’d be a way. It would foster player retention, return of old players and would help to fill the officials back up.

It depends on the offence but even so, 14 days isn’t always what is done. I’ve seen 3 days and 7 days.

I think what you’re trying to communicate here is the problem with performance you had asked about in the OP. Now, I think for anyone who spends time on the forums knows that Funcom has made a ■■■■■■ deal with GPortal and what they use is the bottom of the barrel.

It is my opinion that with updating the game they made it so chonky that 20+ players on an official with hundreds of builds and thousands of placeables these servers cannot handle it.

Because of their deal (again opinion) they had to deal with the issues people were complaining about and the revamp of the ToC in 2021 was the answer. Band-aid, terrible, nonsense of course. And conjecture on my part. But it is not like we get clarification all that damn often…

No, but every player has the responsibility to read the EULA and ToC.

Nah. Poorly organized? Yes. Poorly managed? Yes. Don’t know how else to do it? Definitely.

Then the ONLY option to inquire about the ToC at all, on suspensions etc.,… is literally the option “appeal a ban”. What??? What. Huh? C’mon.

When you do YOU DO NOT get any clarification. Used to, yes, but not for the past 1.5 years of Zendesk.

We don’t know that. If enough people discuss it may be considered. Maybe.

At the end of June it will be 1 year since my last suspension. There has been 1 change to the ToC regarding false reports since then. I’ve noticed less report discussions and as a result have collected less. I see 1-2 every few days as opposed to 4+ per day when it was the worst. So perhaps they started to pull back a bit or maybe not as many reports? No idea, they won’t tell us.

There is still foundation spam. There are still people exploiting. There is still hacking. There is still blocking of POIs and spawns. There is still disgusting toxicity.

I’ve changed a few things in how I play and it has NOTHING to do with the ToC :upside_down_face:

I hope this discussion continues as always.


Yes, there’s definitely a serious problem. More than one, in fact. Let’s start with the most obvious and work our way down the list:

Do you know what the problem is with that? It’s that people don’t read the rules. The rules explicitly state that you can’t appeal suspensions:

And yet, people don’t take the time to read the rules even when Funcom puts a link to those rules in your face every time you log into an official server.

Sheet, if only the people at Funcom could magically guess that the person saying they were “banned” was talking about a temporary suspension and not an indefinite ban. But I guess you’re partly right, instead of saying “go open a Zendesk ticket”, they could say “go open a Zendesk ticket, but be advised that temporary suspensions can’t be appealed”. Maybe people who didn’t bother to read the rules would read that, who knows.

What sucks is that they did have a ticket type where you could ask for information about your ban, but they removed it. I don’t know why. If I had to guess, people were probably using that to bitch about their suspension rather than actually ask for information. It doesn’t really matter, though. They removed it, which left us with no way to find out why exactly anyone got suspended or banned.

Going back to the problems with your little story:

That’s another problem right there. Well, two problems, really. One is that asking for clarification on the forums won’t work. Who is supposed to provide that clarification? Funcom? Did you see anything in the rules that says “come ask us on the forums”? Other players? How the hell are we supposed to clarify anything to anyone when we don’t work for or with Funcom?

The other problem with that is that people don’t actually come for clarification. No, really, most of the threads here are complaints, not requests for clarification. In fact, when clarification does happen by accident, the most likely outcome is that the person who has been insisting on their innocence will suddenly admit they knew what they were doing but disagree with the rules.

Which brings me to the last problem in your story:

Sure, that probably happens. And it also happens that people with legitimate grievances submit a report because not everyone shares your idea that the servers should be “anything goes” Wild West territory and just want to play without having to deal with jerks.

See how easy it is to answer a deliberately chosen extreme by digging up the opposite extreme?

But the real problem here is that it doesn’t matter whether you were reported by “a salty beotch with nothing better to do” or by a PVE player who thinks that building a Taj Mahal on top of the camp that can spawn a T4 armorer is excessive, because you either broke the rules or you didn’t.

If you broke the rules, then you should be told how and left to decide whether you want to keep playing on the server with those rules or not.

If you didn’t break the rules, then your ban or suspension should be overturned.

Who reported you and with what ulterior motives is irrelevant.

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It’s not the nature of the game… it’s the nature of people…
IRL we have clear black and white rules… so what do we have there?.. Lawyers and attorneys who interpret… people who bicker for years… that’s not a sustainable environment for a videogame that is supposed to be entertainment…

It’s the nature of people… some people are just more entitled than others… and feel perfectly comfortable taking what isn’t theirs without question…

The moment you have cut and dry rules… you’ll have an army of internet lawyers and referees arguing that no matter what anyone says, their case is within the limits… :man_shrugging:

The rules NEED to be vaugue… not because of the game… but because of us…

(Also, I am willing to bet that the rules are actually cut and dry / black and white from Zendesk’s point of view… do you honestly think they have the same “vague” rules to judge the cases by?
Not a chance… I would even go as far as consider the possibility that in their internal guidelines they even have a hardcapped build limit that they simply don’t share with us and scripts that simply do an instance count on a building… if it’s greater than a fixed value → automatic wipe… and other similar very strict tools at their disposal, otherwise it would be impossible to manage that many servers with this few people)

@Kikigirl I agree with the rest of your post, it’s pretty spot on.
Another thing perhaps to mention is that maybe they ARE easing up a bit… but I’m not sure it’s having the desired effect… Lately on other platforms and even here I’ve seen a slight growth in posts describing frustration of admin inaction against foundation spammers etc. So it feels a bit like they’re easing up on the wrong kind of reports, but maybe it’s both, we just don’t get many reports of good interactions with Funcom :man_shrugging:


I hate when the CoC (ToC) is written into code. There are other means to deal with it. If an amendment is needed, then an American English version works good here. The gist can be written either in code or in english.

48 hour warning? No. If it deserves a canned response, then do that. I don’t see it as broken. I see it as gathering more information and evidence until the mods speak about it. Do you want silence or F.U.D.?

Is it fair to suspend alternate accounts for a first-time infraction?

I’m sure there is a solution, like how infractions (if any) are being left out of the conversation. Everybody read that part of the terms, right?

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Sorry I meant it as a whole. So yes, people in the game.

Being that I have dealt with tickets myself in the past my best guess is that they have operational procedures/internal guidelines that must be followed. While human error can be a factor I am not so concerned on mistakes individually but mistakes for the entire system - how they operate.

Ding ding ding.

Opposed to what people may think there’s things going on here that most do not want to admit are happening and refuse to accept. I’ll leave it at that.


I am genuinely interested by the answer. My clan has never been suspended. And yet, while playing on the official server (PvE), I keep asking myself the same question.

We built our base not far from a platform accessible by a bottleneck path, and people build their base on the said platform, probably thinking that landscape protects them from purges. The platfom is so close to our base, that OUR purges actually walk past it first before reaching our base (our new neighbours have yet to discover it :sweat_smile:).

They built next to us because the game enables it in PvE.
What if they build a huge base? Can my clan be suspended because such a small area will become too laggy for two bases?

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Not unless your clan is the one being reported and you have something problematic with your base as well.

However “accidentally” you won’t get affected by admins wiping your neighbor, since that’s targeted to their clan and their building.

Yes, but how can a random player know if it’s our base or their base, making it laggy?
They will probably just walk through the area and see the lag, then get close to the first building they see, and report it. Then if the building happens to be ours rather theirs, we’re doomed.
Ultimately, isn’t it left to pure luck?

Yup. I was not worried about that kind of accident. I am worried however, about the tools the admins use to know which clan creates the lag. Do they have a mean to know at all? Or will they just wipe the two bases because doubt remains when the bases are so close to each other?

I wouldn’t say pure luck… I mean they still do SOME form of investigation, whether it’s quick and flimsy or thorough is a different case, but it’s good enough for the majority of cases.
There’s been people here who get spam reported daily but they’re still there because they pass the checks :man_shrugging:

So… I would say more like weighted luck :smiley:

What I meant with my previous post thou was from a technical point of view… as in I’m pretty sure the admins target the actual building actor via code, so it’s not actually an admin there eyeballing where your fence starts and the neighbors ends :smiley: but they wipe the actual building containing the instanced meshes making up the structure.

Some background on the situation since assumptions are continually made.

Two other clans that built in close proximity also had their bases decayed at the same time.
My ticket is currently still in negotiation. However I expect the ToC maybe used to hide behind.

I started this thread to highlight the issues. To show there are still players willing to standup and debate. To help encourage others to not be fearful and comment, reminding them we are not all sheep willing walk to the slaughterhouse.
Ultimately to help encourage change, however hard the battle might be. To help grow Conan Exiles player base back what it once was.

Alright, thank you :smiling_face_with_tear:
~takes a lucky amulet just in case~

One click, and the building poofies… :dash:

Yes. I would bet the people who are managing zendesk have other jobs, and they pass reports on a queue “your ticket, joe!” and it is left to the discretion of the person to thumbs up or down a violation instantly without a second guess. If they had a coded system in place with a hard build limit, they would just turn it on and save the labor. Buildings would just autowipe without their action at all.

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Why send people to Zendesk to appeal a ban that cant be appealed? “Were working on improving…” Been around long enough to know that maybe in another 5 years, this system may resemble something that might work.

Welcome to online PVP survival games that dont wipe. If a server has active people, and they are true PVP’ers, good luck getting established. Not saying its impossible, but expect constant attacks and raids until you learn how to adapt to win. Banning or restricting people in my opinion isnt the way to even the play field.

Im gonna call BS on that. Youre telling me that every inch of the maps on all servers were covered three years ago? EL hasnt changed in years there will always be somewhere to build, and saying that you couldnt is outright lying. Thing is - it just might not be the alpha spot, or a highly defensible spot. But, join the party late, and you get the scraps. We have to accept that.

No, people who refer Zendesk to those looking to appeal bans isnt the right direction because no action can be taken. Sending people to Zendesk for an explanation as to why they got banned will yield no action as well, since you get the same robotic copy and paste answer as when you log into a server to see the ban message. Referring people for these reasons is pointless, and hence why changes should be made.

Yikes, seems like threads mentioning exploits are delisted rather fast considering these forums ^^^ have absolutely nothing to do with official servers. Sorry, your words, not mine. Seems like maybe these forums are a place for discussion about official servers.

So the kind of information like feedback - like this thread, and many others about how players want to see a change in the ban, ban appeal TOS and things like that? So trying to call them moot is actually incorrect, and it is discussed in the right place since the forum moderators can relay that onto the developers who can then implement the right changes. Seem like the OP is right so far.

Ive seen maybe…maybe a couple at most, players who would “demand” action from the forum moderators or developers to reverse actions. Many ask for clarification as to why they got banned, since robotic auto responses dont do the trick. Feedback like this is needed for Funcom to improve, or the new Dune forums will be full of negativity before that game has a chance to take off (trust me, trolls will troll those forums to warn people of the terrible customer relations)

Not many people Ive seen complaining about their bans, or appeals, or wanting more information have hurt feelings. Most are mad, disappointed in the lack of warnings or poor clarification on some rules, and others just laugh at it.

Yessir I was. Why lie about something like this?

And totally your choice. Ive seen the screenshot of the building you designed that housed all necessary benches and all I say is good luck ever lasting on a PVP server. Once found, 5 mins with some bombs and you wake up in noob river. Again, your choice to play like that. I wont tell you how to play games if you dont tell me how to. Fair enough?

Well, thats a benefit you dont need to worry about on private servers. You can simply find or create a server to suit you. Some people prefer officials. I think I could say the same, why do people push for policy and rule changes, or heck, even weapon changes, stat changes or anything like that - to fit their style? Squeaky wheel gets the grease I guess, but then expect that from policy or TOS changes too. If enough people complain that something isnt right with the insta ban for building something, maybe it will change.

Correct. I bet you that 99% of Conan players havent read the rules. Putting a link on the server message (can you even click on it?) aint gonna make the vast majority go look at them. Do you read the 12 pages of fine print when you get a new phone contract? Same thing - 99% dont.

Heyyyyyyyy, bingo. Actual effort into customer relations. Something that weve been promised but havent seen improvements on.

Ah, so when you buy Conan Exiles from Funcom, have an issue on the official servers, go to google and type in “official conan exiles forums”, this place pops up. You come here, make an account and (some people may look through the forums for an answer) ask your question. So, in that case, yes youd be looking for an answer from Funcom, or a moderator at the least, since…Funcoms game, Funcoms servers, Funcoms forums. Its merely following the trail.

Eh, Id say its closer to 50 -50 that come to complain or ask clarification. Lots get the “banned for land claim or blocking resourses” and since we all know thats vague as heck, they want more of a reason. The forums answer? Go to zendesk and get an automated reply that is a copy and past of the reason from in game. This, needs to be improved.

So does context not matter? If you go onto a pvp server that has 8 players on it that have been there for years, do you walk around and look for things to report people on, only to leave that server less then a month later? Whats the point? Why even bother when it doesnt affect your gameplay? Geez, blow stuff up and have some fun. Sure, Im biased a bit towards pvp because thats what I played on. Ive always said that pve should have different rules vs pvp. But you see my point? Why start crap and try to get people banned if you have no desire or drive to stay on a server for a long time?

And we will never agree on this because I dont think the same rule set should be applied to all servers since they are so different. Should a Taj Mahal on a server that has had one player on it for two years be reported, or if a server with 40/40 players for two years that has 200 Taj Mahals be addressed? Id like an honest answer from you on this one.

Yeeeeeah, but its not. Because breaking the rules gets you a temporary ban and those are not appealable. So were back to square one, again, and is the reason why these threads keep popping up and why people will always bring them up, until better and clearer rules are made, better communication an acutal way to appeal temporary bans comes in.

To this thread, correct. To the point of the TOS, and appeals highly relavant.


Yeah, and that’s the players’ own damn fault. People would come here on the forums to complain about how getting banned is “unfair” because “90% of players” don’t even know there are rules, or where to find them, or about forums in general. So Funcom added a login message that displays the link to the rules. And guess what? Now you’re all moving the goalposts again, because “who reads the rules”.

No, I don’t read the 12 pages of fine print when I get a new phone contract. I figure that if I get screwed because I didn’t, I’ll either go talk to a lawyer, or take the L and do better next time. Hell, who know, maybe a class-action lawsuit could come out of that, or even a new law to better regulate the industry so they can’t sneak in garbage like that inside the fine print.

You know what I wouldn’t do? Yell on the street about how life isn’t fair because “who reads the fine print”.

All that is beside the point, though. We’re not talking about a contract, we’re talking about rules. You know how ignorance of laws isn’t a valid defense? Yeah, that.

If you go play on someone’s server – no matter whose it is, or what game you’re playing – they set the rules for that server. If you break those rules, you can lose access to that server. If the admins made sure that you had access to those rules and you didn’t care enough to inform yourself, you’re not a victim. (Or at least, your unwillingness to get informed doesn’t make you a victim.)

Yes, that’s the most important thing that needs to be improved about the official server moderation. And honestly, I can’t for the life of me understand why Funcom refuses to start doing that.

In fact, it’s one of the many reasons that I’ve lost most of the faith in and goodwill towards them.

In this case, it shouldn’t. The only reason why it does is because Funcom’s moderation is crappier than it should be.

The way it should work is that if player A reports player B, Funcom investigates player B. If Funcom finds out player B broke the rules, they act on player B according to the rules. If not, they investigate player A. If they find out player A has a history of false reports, they act on player A according to the rules. Suddenly, there’s no more “report meta” nonsense.

The problem is that they can’t act against false reports, because there’s nothing to identify the account of the player who did the report, not with any authenticity. That part of the rules is just empty words to try to scare people away from doing what they shouldn’t. Of course, that could actually be solved by adding a feature to the game, but honestly, if they can’t be bothered to do inform people about their infractions, there’s no way they’ll spend resources on implementing this feature.

I happen to agree. I’m pretty sure there are PVP players who don’t, but I’ve got no skin in that game. :man_shrugging:

Why build a wall around someone’s base on a PVE server? Why build your base on top of a T4 spawn on a PVE server? Why throw down foundation spam on a PVE server?

For the same reason as in your question: some people are dicks. We need the rules to deal with dicks, and we need those rules to be enforced correctly so that dicks who try to abuse them can’t.

Okay, here’s a short but honest answer: yes.

A longer version of that honest answer is that it’s not the Taj Mahal itself – that’s why I didn’t merely say “Taj Mahal”, but rather “Taj Mahal on top of the camp that can spawn a T4 armorer” :wink:

An even longer version is that I really don’t care how long it was there, how many players there are, etc. If you build something that breaks the rules, you should assume that responsibility and the risk that comes with it. If everyone likes what you build, and they don’t mind it, and they don’t report you, and it goes on like that for months on end, that just means that you were lucky. :man_shrugging:

But you know, that thing about the server being empty and having only one player on it for two years? People rarely stop to think about these hypothetical cases and wonder “How come the server is like that?” 'Cause sometimes the answer is “Because it’s chock-full of huge builds maintained by serial refreshers who only log in 5 minutes a week.” :wink:

I hope that was honest enough. :smiley:

Yeah, I know. Like I said, there are arguments for making them appealable, and arguments against.

Also, even if you could overturn a temporary suspension, it would still suck to lose a base that was wrongfully dev-wiped.

But none of that has anything to do with the motives of whoever reported you. Admins can make a mistake, and they’ll make mistakes regardless of those motives.

Like I already said above, people who try to abuse the reporting system should be dealt with. Too bad they can’t.

This is the second post in under 24 hours (that I know of) about the same subject. Obviously something is irking them at least and the fact that the mod decided not to close this one led to others coming out of the wood works. If they are just laughing it off, why bother coming in when the official response when they eventually do close the thread will be just to go to Zendesk? They’ve been doing that for years.

Out of curiosity in discussions I’ve personally had about some of the subjects concerning the FC servers I’ve gotten the cold shoulder on when it comes to policy or setting changes. No discussion, no conversation. Just ‘yeah we know that’s requested but we’re good,’ then subject change, like damn lol. The only way to have a closer conversation than that would be in person, and I get the feeling that wouldn’t work either. So the forum ‘crusade’ is not going to work at all.

I was giving the benefit of the doubt. And the fact your example was pretty damning to your position, not going to lie.

The example I gave was only a suggestion and an experiment on my part. I wouldn’t bother posting my PVP builds because they are situational and location based. But you could take the floor space of what I built, take out the frills (effectively the entire second floor and part of the outside, and then replace it with defenses. Of course the location sucks for PVP unless you build around it for that purpose.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention another build I posted in a similar thread (or maybe the same, I don’t remember) where I said it was an example of something that WOULD get banned and it shocked many. It looked kinda minimalistic, but the point was it only LOOKED that way, it had a ton of wasted space. Point there is what something looks like on the outside and in a screenshot doesn’t exactly tell the whole story. But it was like 70% wasted space and fluff. Fine for the server it was on. Not for FC though.

But as far as telling people how to play. I don’t do that unless you’re playing on a server I admin. Just as FC does when you play on their server. But when you don’t play by the rules established (your choice) then you can’t complain about consequences when they happen.

As I said, the forums aren’t going to do it. If personal chats don’t even have an effect. You can try a personal meeting. That’s the only thing I haven’t seen tried yet. But I suspect you’ll get a little chuckle, a thank you for letting them know, and then they walk away and immediate forget the conversation.

You can keep trying, all I’m saying to that is expect to see Zendesk link after Zendesk link if you do. That’s not going to change probably until the day the servers are no longer supported.

How about have an option for building block limit’s?
This would also reduce the ticket load on the Zendesk game admins, as it would be set in stone code.

This would require more thought and strategy when constructing a base.
I personally would enjoy the challenge of creating efficient bases within limits.