SWL themed tabletop campaign is looking for more players

Some might be aware that I started DMing a tabletop game set in the SWL Universe (not modern day but late 1920s china). Sidenote: No need for indepth lore knowledge.^^

While we have a core of 3 players that I already had the pleasure to play sessions with there is a certain concern that 3 people is a bit short of a full party. So I am looking for more players to bring on board.

What does one need:

-No tabletop experience or even dice. We use Chaosium’s “Call of Cthulhu” System instead of the normal DnD. As long as there is will to read into the system (The base rules are free to obtain in the net from offical source).

-Discord with some sort of working microphone for holding the actual sessions, with Roll20 assisting for maps. No way around that.

-Have actual time to dedicate sundays (So far we held it 6pm CET/CEST) every 2 weeks reliably to having sessions. Occassional guests style characters would make stuff far more complicated.

-Don’t be a dick. Should go without question but since tabletop is a team entertainment having someone make people feel uncomfortable about it by being constantly annoying or hard to deal with is something that I would like to not having to deal with. While that is no hard requirement and a lot can be talked out I still ask to make my DM job easy.

-Fifth and final: Kinda as minimum bar of entry: Come with a character pitch. Two things I need to know before starting the campaign with someone both to see the investment into the campaign and to start writing sideplots:
1.What does your character do? I don’t let anything go but as long as you don’t throw a factionleader (preferable also no faction member even if a character can become member of a faction in the course of the story), a bee or the king of england at me I probably let you play it. You play the classic normie dragged into the secret world.
2.Why are you in china/traveling to china? Just so your character doesn’T pop out of nowhere for no reason.
P.S.:I do help people with both if needed but prefer seeing it be done by people themself.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Currently sessions get recorded and uploaded by me under full knowledge and agreement of current party members both as a reminder/thing to look for the players and to maybe inspire more people to do tabletop in the SW universe. As privacy and data security became more and more a thing these past few years I probably will ask people if they are fine with it when they join. Should it be a problem to new players it could be that I make future recordings non public or don’T record at all. So that noone has to fear that their voice is heard by people they don’T want to hear it.
Here the recordings of the first two sessions just to give you guys and gals an idea of how such a thing looks like and how the general vibe of sessions is:
Session 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wxcn1WkUF0
Session 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY3_R2AcwYg

If you have questions or I forgot to mention stuff you think is important feel free to comment.



I used to play a lot of Call of Cthulhu so I have some recollection of the rules. I will try and dig my boxes out of the loft; I would likely be interested if you haven’t already filled all of the slots by the time I clear the cobwebs off :slight_smile:

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Interesting, though a bit difficult to follow without knowing who is speaking or what their characters are. Will give more of a listen later.


Just wanted to note that Session 3 ist out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I08SwlfNI0

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I know some of you might have wondered what happened with the campaign. It is still going but I have seriously underestimated the amount of work that cutting and editing or even just raw uploading an episode takes.
I had the 4 and 5 which I kinda mess up (didn’t record my mic only the players) and even a season 6 was sitting there raw. Around probably 6 more hours listening or 2-3 days I would have to spend uploading and cutting them…and honestly I didn’t find as much time for it beside the actual DM, my QA and programming ambitions, playing the game halfway regular and just plain life thing.

Sorry to all the people that waited for it. -.- I wish I had good news and I would love sharing more of the adventures of the group with you but I just bit of more than I can chew.


His adventurers are also an unruly bunch, and find ways to crawl, swim, shoot or bleed their way out of the easy path :slight_smile:

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