SWL Toys / Busts / Figurines

I saw this vid on Youtube the other day, “New Massive Horror Collection 4K Tour: 45+Figurines, 400+ Figures”

Which got me thinking of way back a few months after TSW launched, when I dreamed that we might some day get a McFarland Toys series of Secret World figures / playsets.

Three Questions:

  1. How possible do you think that it is that SWL might get some sort of figurine / action figure love?

  2. Do you think that this would be a good way to develop the brand / franchise, like how FC is expanding the MMO with different stand-alone, single-player games (The Park, Moons of Madness)?

  3. What SWL characters / locations would you like to see as figurines / busts or playsets?

Me, personally, I always wanted the Ghoul Pit, from Transylvania, the one in the graveyard right beside the church, w/the downed Orochi helicopter, as a playset.

There were some 3D-printed figurines available of some Funcom properties for a short while, but that was when there was an official Funcom store to buy from even.

As far as merchandise goes, physical goods like statues and action figures take a lot of time to design and manufacture and have smaller margins between cost of manufacturing and cost that people play for them. (And it takes more storage space, which also has to get paid for, to store them, too!)


I’ll take Sammy, Amir, tiny ak-ab, oni soldier, and then all the rest characters in alphabet order, thanks. But yeah, as far as I understand they need to be sure lots of people would buy this stuff to consider making it. And looking how they closed tiny shop they had, these guys with tees (we love smth?) stopped to sell their tSW designs… it’s not the thing. Maybe one day? For now my main character is in the list of things I want to sculpt and print one day I’ll learn 3D… :smirk:


It used to be We Love Fine, who are now https://www.forfansbyfans.com but they noted that they no longer had the franchise many years ago. WeLoveFine : Secret World clothing. There are some bits on RedBubble https://www.redbubble.com/shop/the+secret+world

Think Fabzat had figurines, though they look to be gone as well. Massively had some piccies…

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Nice find, Broc. Too bad at the time that article was published, I think I was working two jobs and didn’t have much time for much else.

Would’ve been cool to snag up an Unutterable Chibi!

I did manage to get in on some WeLoveFine shirts, though. 100% cotton, they felt great, and were well done. Will cherish for evar. Wish they’d bring those back, but…

Anyways, I realize how much time & cost goes into making toys. I’ve worked at a plastic bottle factory (bottles for car oil, 5w30 and the like, but also Milk of Magnesia bottles) and also a plastic plate factory (for microwaveable dinners, Hungry Man & Kids Cuisine to name a few). There’s no such thing as “cheap plasic” anymore, both factories recycled a lot of their trimmings back into the product. I can only imagine the process for toys, how much they recycle to save money, how much it all costs.

And after a glance down the toy aisle in Wal-Mart last week, toy prices have gone up much like the prices for comics have since the 80’s/90’s. It’s crazy. ALTHOUGH I did find some new Scooby Doo action figures, reasonably priced, that kept calling my name…

But as for making sure people are going to buy them - anyone remember He-Man? It was my favorite toy line as a kid (cartoon, too). But there was a documentary on Netflix about He-Man, (The Power of Greyskull, or something, I think) and, as it turns out, it was a toy line first made for the sake of selling… toys. The toys came before the cartoon, which, I didn’t realize, because I was so young when I was into He-Man, I couldn’t remember which came first.

It just adds to the crazy. A company wouldn’t dare make a toy line NOT based off anything that isn’t already a hit cartoon or movie nowadays. Crazy.

Also also, for the person/s marking replies as solutions, I know we’re probably never going to get a SWL toy line. Much less likely is a McFarland toys SWL line, or series of figures, or busts, w/e. But we’d like to dream, yeah? Share our wishlists? C’mon, let the adults daydream about toys, y’all.

Also also also
WISHLIST (in no particular order)

  1. Agartha Guardian plushie
  2. Gross trading cards a la Garbage Pail Kids featuring grisly Orochi deaths, with Black “Filth” Bubblegum
  3. Full-Retro SWL Sticker Book w/paper dolls, paper cutouts of the clothing sets you get from different decks / PVP achievements, etc.
  4. Still would love a TSW / SWL art book. Still. Forever.
  5. Alexa-linked Orochi drone for better (maybe) home security. (Still better than a D-O toy, TBH)
  6. SWLegos Orochi Tower Set
  7. Flappy-themed Kites
  8. Saccharissa 1/3 scale statuette
  9. Funko POP! will literally do any franchise, people, c’mon
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