WeLoveFine : Secret World clothing

Hello everyone !
A while ago, a company called We Love Fine (now called “For Fans By Fans” it seems) released a line of Secret World - inspired clothing, with the likes of Innsmouth Academy Hoodies and things like that…
Unfortunately, at that time my wallet was pretty much empty so I couldn’t purchase any of it, but now things have changed and I’d really like to get my hands on some of this merchandise !
Any idea where we could find this ?
Thanks !

They no longer have the license:

According to Andy in a post on the old forum it was WLF who decided not to renew the license.

Ah damn !
Any idea where we could still get this maybe ?
I tried eBay and things like that but with no luck unfortunately :disappointed:

Funcom started up another online store a while back, I assume you can still order from there? Doesn’t have ALL the old styles but does have some. I haven’t ordered from it yet myself: https://store.fabzat.com/funcom/

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It’s missing most of the clothing options that WLF had, the phone cases don’t come in anything that fits my phone, the 3D printed figures are way too damned expensive, and the mugs are amateurishly done. It looks like they just uploaded uncropped wallpaper images as the image options. Perfectly rectangular images on coffee mugs looks like all the garbage mugs you’d find on Cafe Press. Absolutely no effort was put into them at all.

I’d love to get some Secret World stuff, but I prefer things looking in-world (like the exact Innsmouth hoodie) to the heavy branded stuff (Issue logo on t-shirt).

For example, if you buy a Harry Potter thing isn’t it a lot better to have the exact style worn by them rather than something fairly close with the movie logo garishly standing out from it?

Examples being a cover that made your phone look like an Anansi model. Or a Bingo-cola can, a glossy Morninglight welcome pack, a notebook with a Sam Krieg book cover on it, condoms with Dream Palace branding, a Pagan’s tour t-shirt, some of the idols and artefacts we’ve picked up in missions…

Some of the models are cool, but none of the iconic ones we’ve fought in game are there and I’d like it to look more like a trophy we’ve torn from them in battle than a reproduction.

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It’s not clothing, but here’s a shameless plug for Origami Soldier’s awesome pins and keychains. I’m excited to rock an Innsmouth Academy pin when they’re released.

We Love Fine probably owned the specific designs you’re looking for. Without the license you my be s.o.l. on getting one.