Tie-in comics from TSW


I recall back in the pre-Tokyo time of TSW there was at least one tie-in comic that talked about John. Can’t for the life of me find it (too many false positives trying to search for it at least). Anybody know where those comics are and how many there were?

(also, as updates were previously Issues, like comics, shouldn’t we be talking about Volume 2 rather than Season 2?)


Open the zip from Issue 9 here:


Most TSW resources are found there. And from other Funcom games.


Nice link! Thanks


Figured I could insert the comic too:


My bookmarks contain many nice liks. Ask, and ye shall receive :smiley:


Thats awesome, thanks!


Well using your links I was able to cobble together this… (I love the old Issues, sad there wasn’t a new one)

Someone else should do the comic… I can’t draw :slight_smile:



After much consideration, I have reliably ascertained that I also lack the required skills.


love it though!


Also you forgot to draw the character with a rubber horse mask and a lime-green mankini, which is the uniform of any respectable, well-seasoned secret worlder.


I LOVE IT :heart:

That Dagron is all set to wield the new shovel and do those dang chores! :joy: (Spoilers gleaned from looking at pictures in recent articles, not sure if the first half is true but MAN I HOPE)
Alternatively, with those extra “blades,” they are totally set to MASQUERADE AS A CEILING FAN :man_cartwheeling:

I do not have the energy for a full-on comic, but I will absolutely take any excuse to post my Morninglight face-butterfly propaganda poster. (Body horror ahoy.)