SWL working on Xubuntu Linux (guide)

Using onboard Ryzen 3 graphics on this desktop PC. Game running just as well as on Windows.

Steps On A Clean Installation:

  1. Install Play On Linux
  2. Configure these libraries:
    1. d3dcompiler_43
    2. d3dx9_43
    3. dnsapi
    4. Note: all other d3dcompiler and d3dx9 version’s did not work for some reason (the newer ones) but using these two worked like a charm.
  3. (In POL) Click “Configure” on the left menu.
    1. (First get the launcher from secretworldlegends.com)
    2. Under the menu in POL “Install Components” choose “dxfullsetup.”
  4. Finally, it should start downloading resources after you run the application you created.
  5. As of writing this I’m currently in Agartha with no lag or anything of the sort. Literally the same frame rates in windows which is hovering about 50fps.

PS: Also I used Software package in Xubuntu (like Ubuntu’s Software Centre) to install wine 3.0x if that helps anyone.


Thank you, I will try this…

Congrats ! And thanks for sharing it :penguin::wine_glass:



How’d it go?

EDIT: Also for some reason I’ve had even better success running the game on an openSUSE install than Xubuntu. I’ve hit lower 60s in Agartha if I’m staring at the KM portal. Staring at same portal in Windows 10 I got low to mid 50s.

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Has anyone tried the performance with Crossover?