SWL's Storyline

I have to admit, this is the most entertaining MMO I’ve played. The theme can’t be beat, and the modern setting is so refreshing. I bet a lot of research went into this game’s story…


An incredible amount of research couple with their own modifications to make it fit into their story =).

If story is your thing, I can only recommend really taking your time.

Do All the missions. Each mission adds a little something about what happened in the area. This is not one of those games where you only wanna do the ones marked ‘Story Mission’

Read All the Lore/Legends. The yellow honeycombs are so worth reading. They give you perspective on things past and present.

Read the handin report. These are Faction specific, and tells you about the faction and sometimes adds info to the mission you did. Its so worth it not to skip them.

Talk with All the NPCs. Go through the blue talk option that some NPCs have. Each topic can be clicked several times, until it gets marked as done.

Take your time to just observe. Look through Windows, read signs, watch mobs go about their day, listen to the sounds and chatter from the NPCs.

I did myself the favour of playing one of each faction too, to get their particular flavour. Some missions you can couple the handin reports together for a bigger picture.


When you are done with all the things that SinOfTheWolfs suggested, - you may be interested in the timeline that was compiled by members of Nine Swords:

Secret World Timeline


That timeline is really an amazing work, has even the events (Christmas conspiracy and Seven silences) and parallel games (Park, Hide and Shriek).
And the date’s expiration date, which is important :slight_smile: