T2 insulted wood fence foundations

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***it been a long time but the insulated fence foundations can not stay more than one high all you get is a red piece that will just run over it an will not snap or be placed more than one high generally my walls are two foundations high and only one lair high can be placed

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Hello @Gloatingtomb6, fence foundations can be tricky to place at times, were you able to build other types of fence foundations as intended but not the Insulated Wood one specifically?

If you just place this foundation type in an empty spot, are you able to stack them?

all others work just fine and no I cant stack them by them selfs if I remember correctly they did at one point I attached a foundation and the top on lost stability I always use fence foundation on all of my building but I keep kitan with kitan and aquilian with aquilian ect are you wanting me to attach a different fence foundation on the t2 foundation which I can do im just on lunch right now at work so will try when I get home

I tested it and it is the fence foundation I placed a dlc fence foundations and could place t2 on top of it and vice versa but they will not stack on each other

Thank you for the additional information, we’ll be sure to relay it to the developers.

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