T4 Bearers location guide

Is there a Current location guide for the T4 Bearers (By name) spawn points, looking to collect the Bearers i do not currently have. Still need Featherstep, and Enia the Light.

Thanks, for the last two weeks i have camped the Back Galleon on and off. There i have gotten 2 Pelor, 3 Fairin, 1 Narr, 1 Ulrick, 1 Rethrous. I found Amazdi at Conan city. I have also found 2 Farins’ at Flesh Tearer Falls and another Farian at River Watch camp. No luck with Eina or Featherstep.


There are three that spawn in the darfari camps above the dregs and fleshtearers falls.

My standard farm rout when looking for general crafters is

Port to Dregs - Hit dregs and darfari camps towards fleshtearers falls - hit exiled camps down to gallamans tomb (19 random crafter spawns with 2.7% T4 spawn chance each) hitting brimstone caves on the way, then go to maproom I place near sentinels and port to dregs now that everybody has respawned.

I get Kathibria from the Riverwatch camp, Howling Plateau, or Fleshtearer Falls often. Eina usually camps out at Wightwatch Camp in the Mounds, but she is also found at those three camps.

An update after two more days farming Riverwatch, Howling Plateau, Fleshtearer Falls, and the Den I have gained 4 more male Named Bearers, and have not seen Enia, Featherstep or Amzadi.

Keep at it. They come it waves. I have also seen an uptick in the male bearers over the last few days.

Eina is best farmed in the Mounds at Wightwatch or the western most building.

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