Spawnrate of T4's in Sepermeru

So I recently lost everything, including my T4 crafters, during a raid on one of the official servers. I decided to go back to the Exiled Lands and settle near Sepermeru to regain a few T4’s but to my disappointment only 1 has spawned in 4 days. Did they bring down the spawnrate for T4’s in Sepermeru or am I just unlucky atm? Because I loved the fact that people still went back to the Exiled Lands for T4’s. It kept the old map relevant for endgame PvPers and it would be a shame if that’s over.

They last I checked have not changed it in a long while but you should check the wiki website for more information but on me long ago I went 3.5 months at black galleon and never saw a teir 4 craftsmen I was just very unlucky or I po crom but there is a % that wiki can provide for you most not ever items is up to date except current test live patch I would think as they still working on it but it contains almost everything information wise on Conan exiles and many other game’s throughout the whole world so don’t forget to check it as it is helpful

Don´t give up. I am farming sepermeru for several days now. There are days with nothing and others with 3 or 4 interesting spawns. Except that Hosun the Fang guy, sometimes there are even two of them. Thats just probability. I hope for a shieldwright, Grrr Legbiter, where are you!

I get the impression that the Conan wiki is completely out of date .

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Thanks, I’ll keep trying. As for Grrr Legbiter. You might want to try Sinner’s Refuge. I had Grrr a number of times and I always got him from that location.

Actually I´m alternating between Sinner´s Refuge, all of the Exiled Camps and Sepermeru :wink:
…but I´ve changed my mind, it´s all a conspiracy and my Spinas is a Deadeye :sob:

Not 100% incomplete just that 93% done they have like 50 people helping to keep up on like 10k pages but update just dropped so not those poor :dagger: have even more work but I go there for info but it has very interesting info like each spot t4 spawn which place each t4 % chance of coming say spot to your left has 3% chance to spawn your legbiter where to your right he have a 15% chance to spawn so it tells the the best spots to look for specific thrall’s you want go look at the info that’s what I still do and it’s greatly helps

Check out the T4 spawn rate in Sinner’s Refuge. You won’t be dissappointed

Are you just running through?

To farm t4s you really should be killing the non t4s.

I just make a shack to log off of outside and watch TV, do housework etc. and log on every 15min to re-clear

Eg. I currently need a bladesmith on the server I’m on. I am clearing the upper section with the 4 guaranteed smith’s. In the last few hours I have gotten Edgesmith, tempersmith, 2 t4 smelters and a bowmaker.

And I cleaned the crap out of my place heh


Seems like the wiki is getting new stuff again after a lull post-Siptah. May not be 100% up-2-date but it’s getting there.

Yeah, I’m just running through for now because I had to start with stone tools since I lost everything.

You should be able to do the method I recommended at Sinners Refuge as the baddies are much weaker.

Yeah Sinners Refuge works great. Getting a alchemist, carpenter and taskmaster was easy. It’s been much more profitable so far.

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