T4 Cook. Boss or Normal named cook?

I camed across this Cook, Razor Gord, I was not able to knock him down. It might be a boss, at least his dmg received indicates that it might be a boss instead of a cook for players to knock down.

This is on Testlive PvE-C Siptah.

he’s a boss not a thrall

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Seen him before? He spawns where other t4 cooks spawn. Seen different named ones that i could knock down, this one was the only one that resists my truncheon :)) . If killed all drop the butchers cleaver.

he spawns in pirate bay, in exiled lands for a while now, drops legendary cleaver

Cool. Thank you.

I remember him now. Same dude that drops the Glasser thing?

no, the second one

Thank you for your help matey :wink:

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