T4 Cook need some variety

So, after scouring the lands to get some named thralls I managed to get twice vatessa the potent. However, I like having each thrall on a bench to be at least not a duplicate so I went online to check where others spawn. After some runs I managed to get a T4 cook from the derketo shrine and was happy! Finally a different thrall than vatessa.

Boy how wrong I was… All T4 cooks look identical! Male or female! I’m resorting on using some T3 cooks because of this very reason. Can something be done to fix this? Or at the very least, get rid of the head equipment so you can distinguish them.


Or at least have cooks cook different things depending on which biome you take them from…

can agree to this, was in hope to get some other recipes with another named thrall, instead they were the same.
would be nice to have some more different