Cooks without hats

With the new Derketo dlc release, it’s about to break ground on my new restaurant/ tavern.

Question is, besides the lone fisherman, has anyone found any cooks that don’t wear the derpy hats? A proper restaurant will need several cooks to man, and I’m just looking for a litte variety in the appearance of the cooks.

If not, may I suggest to the Funcom devs a little more variety in some of the cooks and other thralls outfits? Maybe a named cook with a chef hat??

Also, I play on Xbox, so I can’t use mods that would change the appearance.


If it is just for aesthetics and not use, You could use any level cook. That should provide you with a wider variety of looks. Just a thought.

As to you specific question I am way behind on what thralls look like now as I had most of my thrall hunting done long before the changes to the UC and Sep City.

Corms the Faithful is wearing the asura armor as well.

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Cool, I didn’t realize corm would have the Ausura armor too. I’m just looking for cooks without the cook hat.

Frome CEWiki :

BlockquoteAll Chosen of Asura NPCs will wear Asura’s armor, which can be obtained and worn by the player.

I have just gone through the entire Admin Panel on PC, and I can confirm that every cook, including purge thralls, is now in a turban except for Corms The Faithful. If you kill him, you get one piece of his armor. If you conk him and put him in the wheel of friendship, you get a cook festooned in red and blue and a cool-looking hoodie.

I feel you my friend, trying to find out good looking thralls with nice names that don’t look like carbon copies of each other is quite hard. Chieftain Alva doesn’t wear a hat, but has Vanir armour, nice if you’re doing a tavern up north. Other then her, Asura followers and Lone Fisherman, they will always have a bloody hat. Alternatively like @Wak4863 said, if it’s just for aesthetics and not function, you could use alchemists? I have Brewer Mavelle (eheh name coincidence) on the fermentation barrel, she doesn’t have a hat.


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