T4 Entertainer buff does not stack beyond 5%

Single player, no mods.

The title, as shown in the screenshot below. To be fair, this has happened to me before on live, both in single player and private online, so it may not be peculiar to testlive.

I suspect a blueprint delay as the cause, but cannot prove it. The Stats page refreshes every 3-4 seconds and returns the same as below.

There were no other ents within 10 foundations of where I stood on Varkin’s head.

Regards, and thanks for game :slight_smile:


Hey Jim, how many “Entertained” stacks do you have showing? 1-10

I didn’t recall, Barnes, so I did it again …

It recycles with the existing stack fading out as a new one appears at the bottom. When the old one is gone, the new one slides up. Rinse, repeat. Never shows a 2 stack.

Edit: I did see a 2 stack a few times when I turned around looking at more of the base. Lag/latency? It’s not a large structure.



Perfect. Thank you. I don’t like saying this is intended, but I’ve forever needed to overlap entertainers to get a 10-stack, and anything more than basic regen in my Stats panel. From an experiential reference, on PvP live, I do a minimum of T2/T3 in range with a chair in the middle.

Barnes, I had three T4s in proximity, standing next to them. On live, I used to space them out with 2 foundations between each one and approach in line slowly. That was the only sure way to get them to stack.

Does your neck hurt ? :aaaaaa:



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