T4 Named Bearers.... gone? (PS4)

Did they remove named bearers from the game? Ive been checking Riverwatch, Fleshtearer, Mounds, all the usual places and never see anything over a T3 bearer.

Anyone have any idea?

I got one yesterday in mounds (ps4 official pvp)

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Yeah I was in the same boat as you for awhile. I played for months without seeing a single named bearer. Then all of a sudden my son and I found 2 in the pirate camp within about an hour of each other.

I also just finally found a bladesmith. I hadn’t seen a named blacksmith period since the crafting update and found this bladesmith out in the jungle by a campfire where I’ve never found a named crafter before.

I dunno man. The thrall spawns are weird now days. I used to see at least one named thrall in Seperamu nearly every time I ran through. I’m rarely seeing them now though.

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Have gotten named Bearers from The Mounds, The Den and New Asgarth in the last 2 weeks (official PVE), but have yet to see a Snowhunter in The Mounds in over 3 months.

Cycle the darfari camps, you can hit 3 spawns near each, I got 7 last week. Keep doing laps :unamused:

The best spawn for named bearers for me is Den. There are 3 main spawns of bearers in Den and your possibilities to get one is very high. On 3728 i was farming non stop the werewolf for his drops, i end up to gain 10 named bearers. Try Den, it is a valid place :wink:.

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