T4's Spawns nerfed at the Pagoda?

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Other
Server type: PVE West Coast
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

A couple of players on my server have been trying to farm a named Derketo Priest at the Pagoda with no luck for days.
We have the respawn rate setting at about 5-6 minutes
While working from home today I cleared the camp about 40 times
A total of 2 T4’s spawned in that time period
I may be crazy but wasn’t the spawn rate alot better there before? …
Gnash the Cook and a Fia spawned but didn’t see any Mei’s, Waros, Posco, Alren, and others that used to be an easy farm before.

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Spawn rates in the pagoda are around 1% for named priests, and crafters. For T4 archers, and fighters it’s around 4%.

Good Luck!

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Curious…Where did you get these stats?

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You can find stats, and locations on the interactive map.
Just use the drop down menu to select your required search parameters.

Hope that helps.


Did not know this thanks!

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You’re welcome!

P.s. There is also an interactive map for Siptah.

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