Tales of tiny Xotli

Meeting friends who are not prejudiced as to my height.

Time for beer


Did you escape AndyB yesterday and were able to stay small? :smile:
I love that picture where you stand on the table, you look like a little figurine!




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How to delete that.


I figured someone would run with that.

I never noticed the hand in the mouth of the snake. I guess it’s impossible to see from a normal perspective… :joy:

It’s so funny. :joy:

They should sell potions enabling to shrink yourself …

It was just raid time, not my fault. :turtle:

This is the end of tiny tales. My daily prayers to Xotli have been heard. Now I’m big! Honestly, I had a great time, it was interesting. Such an episode in this game gave me and other people a lot of fun. In my mind there was the idea of make 24 players very tiny and conquering BRC, T3, T4 and higher.