Tanners and Derketo Priests on Siptah?

Can anyone tell me where I can find spawn points for either T4 tanners or Derketo Priests on the Isle of Siptah please? I’ve been all over the place for days now and never found a single one of either - even in the random spawn locations on the southern islands.

T4 tanners can spawn on the map but it’s going to be RNG in locations where you find other T4 artisans, as for the priests I have only seen Derketo from the summoned surges of the East.

got T4 tanner two games ago
as for priests only derketo so far, T2, all of them, except one or two dancers of zath

I have found a Derketo priest consistently on line of 8/7 middle of E. No name camp that also spawns a blacksmith.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I have found the T4s I was looking for now.

T4 Tanner spawns at the Baywatch Camp on the savannah island, or the random spawn location in The Southwood.

T3/T4 Derketo Priest spawns at Sipho’s Shipyard on the ashen island.