Target lock now randomly unluck targets by rolling on the side

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
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Region: [Any]

[Hello funcom .Since the month update there was never mentioned of reworking the target lock and in my opinion if there is a option to target lock,it shouldnt be a randombly lock unlock itself while in combat.its realy annoying for many player in pvp or pve who have to relock target after 2-3 dodge on the side or trying to roll stick the opponent to go behind or avoid damage. We would all apprieciate a patch or fix for it. Thank you funcom ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Enable target lock lock npc or player
3.Roll/dodge on the side of the opponent
4.roll cenceling target lock

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Hi @Artemis.S-Class, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll relay the issue to the developers.

I have experienced this issue as well and not only limited to rolling. It will also unlock or completely switch target locks randomly without any input from my end when there are more than 1 enemy in close proximity.

This happened on occasion in the past, but lately it happens far too often and is making a wonky / difficult combat system to manage even more so as of recently.

I have also experienced that while attacking (mid combo) i will unlock from the target without any input from my end, yet again.

As well as moments where i am clearly locked onto a target and everyone of my attacks is focused on a hit box nowhere near the enemy and completely miss a target that is directly infront of me and at times this target can be as large as a literal Elephant… Or Rhino or Bear or any other choice of large animal / target.

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