Target Lock untargeting targets

Can somebody explain Target Lock to me? I have both relevent checkboxes checked in settings menu so please don’t respond with anything about the server checkboxes. Offline single-player. PS4 Pro.

Every time I go to fight a human NPC, Target Lock works for a few swipes (Sword and Shield). If I dodge roll to the NPC’s side or back, target lock unlocks itself and now i have to panic and find where the enemy is to face them.

Every time they swipe and blow by me (overlunge) so that they are now behind me, target lock just turns off on its own and I am scrambling to turn around and face them before they start hitting me in the back.

Wtf is wrong with this target lock?!? When i target lock, I want to STAY target locked until i tell the system to unlock. This random sh*t is introducing a degree of difficulty that just looks like bad game coding.

99.99999% of videogames in modern existence that have a target lock feature, STAYS locked until you click to unlock it. The camera will swing around and follow the locked target.
Why are the devs trying to remake the wheel into a square? Even the Dark Souls series (known for being difficult) has a target lock that stays locked.

Don’t know if it’s relevant, but I find that any time I sprint while target locked it releases the lock (which I like since it saves me having to toggle the lock off before I can move properly again).

I don´t want to use target lock at all. But every now and then, when I change from first person to third person view with the mouse wheel, target lock activates. It must be a hidden binding somewhere, and I can´t find out for the life of me what´s going on. I have all available checkboxes for target lock DEactivated :rage:

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