Disable Target Lock

Is there a way to permanently turn off the target lock function? I have fully had it with this damn thing and I can’t find a setting to make it go away.

Target lock only works if you activate it by pressing the button you choosed from the menu for it… so excuse me but I’m missing it… what’s the problem ? Involuntary activation ? Change the button for locking target on one you never use or that’s far from any other you use…

Honestly idk if you can choose to associate no button at all to it to “disable” the function, I never tryed to do such a thing.

Anyway I hated it for a long time, so much fighting better without it… now that I learned how to use it I love it, it gives you a great advantage.

For example blocking with a shield without it it’s really really hard, and pretty easy with it.

It locks on when you pull out your weapons. It narrows your vision to focus on the guy in front of you and you lose sight of the people on the sides. I don’t want it to pop up when I pull something out. I don’t want it at all.

I am not sure but I think you can deactivate this in the settings „gameplay“

I checked and yes there is an option to disable it.

I looked. Where is it?

Check under gameplay

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That was the first place I looked. I don’t see it. Can someone send me a screen show or something?

I have disabled it, but it keeps happening to me. Pull out weapon or tool - target lock. Use emote - target lock. Climb - target lock. Whenever I visit someone else’s base, or someone else visits mine, I can only stand around and do nothing, or else - target lock.
I play on an official PvE server.

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