Tavern Keeper NPC

Devs: Please don’t restrict Tavern Keeper NPCs to requiring a Purge. Please add them to spawn locations in the world (even new spawn locations) so that getting them is an option through the Purge system, but not a requirement.


I think it would be even better if you could just buy the tavern keeper with gold from the merchant in Buccaneer Bay. I think a wild bartender jumping at me among the Darfari is somehow strange.


That works, too. Good idea!

Would be handy but why? The design efforts in AoW show a trend of forcing players into the content for the special rewards. The legendary chests move forces people to dungeon crawl. Having items locked within the new purge fits right in that paradigm.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. But it would still be nice if there were different approaches to some core mechanics.
Of course, Funcom can put the Tavern Keepers in the Purge cages first. But perhaps once the feature becomes established enough, other options would be nice too. For example, you could put cages with Thralls in the dungeon and free the prisoners there. Or you can get them as a reward for the world events or the new Stygian Keep.
This doesn’t have to be done now in Age of War, but maybe at some point. Who knows.

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But professional dancers still attack us. Why can’t bartenders?

Can’t Tavern Keepers attack? I thought they were just bad at it?
As I understood it in the stream, at a certain point all Thralls should work as followers. So we can also take a blacksmith or alchemist into battle, even if they are not particularly suitable for combat.

For me it was more about the Darfari. Somehow it’s hard for me to imagine a wild Darfari Tavern Keeper. Things look completely different with the Pirates or Northmen. For these groups, I could imagine an NPC to put in the Wheel of Pain.

I think you’re overthinking this. Why would the Darfari have smelters or blacksmiths when they use bone weapons?

It’s nice to have all the variety within each faction, particularly for those who want to roleplay and look for certain groups, regardless of whether they’re meta or not.

Yes that is true. I also always wondered how many iron bars and iron arrows these people carried with them.

Yog is a cruel god

Agree. Bartenders are not suitable for the Darfari and Dogs factions.

Offers a different path, it enables the pacifist approach towards getting thralls. Instead of having to knock out thralls to fight of a purge and get the tavern keeper.
That’s of course if you buy/hire them.

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