Taxidermy Options

I would love to have optional Poses for Taxidermy! Like a resting pose for all the animals, and an attack pose for them as well.

Would also love to see more animals added, like Rhino, Elephant and such! and maybe little dragons?

Oh, and Color variations! Black Bear & Brown bear… Wolf & White Wolf… Ect.

Part of me would like to take a tamed animal, and turn it into a stuffed piece for display. LoL. :innocent:


Don’t mind me, just yonking your idea for a future content update to one of my mods. Carry on!


Awesome. :slight_smile:

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That would be cool. My wife likes to decorate with spiders and undead and some others that can’t be taxidermied. It adds to our thrall total on our server. Poses would be a great option.