Teach dances to our dancers

Hey all, I know this has been suggested since the beginning of the game but I really wish that we could change our dancers dance and maybe emotes as well.

Update: so at the latest stream they mentioned that npcs may get emotes and dances later on. So we still have hope for our dancers. I just wish we didn’t have to rely on mods too much. Specially for my console brothers and sisters.


Maybe not just teach, but choose the dances. And other stuff like put thralls sitting on benches, or around a campfire would be awesome.


yes again 8]

We keep asking for it. But im sure theyll prioritize something nobody asked for like nerfing fist damage or something lol I guess we will see whats on their radar with the new stream coming up.


when is this new stream btw?

Great idea. Developers we would like to see this in the new patch. Maybe add the ability to do so as a scroll in the library in unnamed city


Teach! Now I don’t see a point in learning emotions and dances in the world 'cause I play SP and do not use them. If my entertainers and fighters could learn all those dances and emotes I know I would look for them everywhere just as for recipes.

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