Teleportation stones disappear

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: #6450
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

For the last ten days or so, one or two teleportation stones have disappeared every day.
They disappear even after re-installing them every day.
They disappear even after changing the location.
Isn’t this fatal glitch collapsing the game?
I love this game.
That is why I strongly demand, “Please improve it as soon as possible.”
One teleportation stone disappeared again today.
But even though the teleportation stone disappeared, it is not recorded in the event log.
So I thought of a way.
I thought of a way to do it: I put whatever I can on top of the teleportation stone.
Then the event log will record the disappearance of the object placed on top of the teleportation stone.
As long as the teleportation stone does not disappear, the object placed on top of it will not disappear.
In other words, the time when the object on top of the teleportation stone disappears is the same as the time when the teleportation stone disappears.
(The foundation and floor under the teleportation stone remain, so they are not deteriorated.

Location where the teleportation stone disappeared today: slightly west of the center of O13
Time the teleportation stone disappeared today: June 4, 2023, 5:45:29 AM
Character name:北方狼
No clan

Bug Reproduction:

Install a teleportation stone.


June 4, 2023, 10:58:27, location west of the border of L9 and L10.

The teleport stones disappeared again.
If this is a phenomenon caused by someone cheating, I want it punished severely.
I hope the cheaters will never be able to play this game again.

Good morning .
If you have proofs of the use of cheat by a player, report the A Zendesk.
They alone are able to solve the problem. I’m sorry to learn your misadventure, but Conan Exile’s forums are not the approved support for this.
Good jornée and good luck for the future hoping that the supporter of customers can help you solve this problem.

This might be a dumb question, but are you JUST building a teleporter on bare ground, or is it on something as part of a build? If it’s the former, you need to have it on something to improve decay time. If it’s part of a build, then yeah, something is likely wrong.

We know very well that if we install them directly on the ground, they have a very short time to deteriorate.
That’s why we install them on the foundation or on the floor.
In the first place, if the stone disappeared due to deterioration, it would be recorded in the event log, but in this case, there is no record of it.
And the foundations and floors remain, only the teleportation stones are gone.
All the teleportation stones were placed in exactly the same way and shape.
If there was a problem with the installation, all the teleportation stones would have disappeared, but only the teleportation stones placed in a few specific places have disappeared.
There are no other teleportation stones nearby (if there were, it would be impossible to place them).
Also, the places where the teleportation stones disappear must be unoccupied (if they are occupied, it is impossible to place them).

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Fair enough. I figured you knew, but had to ask the “is it plugged in?” question just in case. It’s about getting all your bases covered. I wish I could give a solution. There must be a reason, but since I haven’t experienced it, I can’t say for certain where the root problem lies. I play on official PlayStation, so idk if it’s unique to pc or what? however, often bugs of this type aren’t limited to one platform, but they have been known to be spotty or inconsistent in some cases. PlayStation’s unique bugs are often associated with graphical issues due to not being optimized appropriately. This kind of bug doesn’t appear to be as such. I’ll keep an eye out.


If the transport stone vanishes while placed on top of foundations, it does sound like a bug. One that Ive never heard of, although Im a sorcery user and have employed transport stones since last summer.

The only thing I can think about is that you have somehow poor connection with the server or your computer is not strong enough (do you have lag normally?) so the stone doesn’t load when it should…


If it were a lag or loading issue, I would have to log back in several times to get the teleport stones to load, but they don’t.
I don’t think it’s possible to re-install the teleport stones in the exact same place because it would be a duplication, but I’ve been able to do it.
If the server does not know that I have placed the teleportation stone, then either it cannot be placed in the first place, or it disappears after the server reboots, but I have confirmed that the teleportation stone is there immediately after the reboot.

I just saw a reply from zendesk.
Look at this forum."
This was all I got.
Nothing was resolved.
I gave them a detailed location and time the teleport stone disappeared, and this is all I got.
I am Japanese and my English is not very good, so I use a translation application to communicate with zendesk and here.
It is very difficult and time consuming.
And this is the result. I am very disappointed in funcom and zendesk!

In my opinion, it is a fraud by a fraudster.
I have tried to stay logged in all day today, pretending to watch for cheaters.
I logged out a few times and logged back in a little later to check the teleport stones.
And as a result, not a single teleportation stone was lost!
If the teleportation stones disappear again when I return to normal play in the future, I am sure that the cause is cheating by the cheater.

I would like to add one more thing
I’ve been seeing a lot of reports of this on Twitter lately.
“The arena champion killed all the slaves in my base.”
As you know, the arena champion is located in Krael, in the land of the banished.
She is not present in the regular field.
They say that she appeared at a stronghold in the regular field and killed all the slaves.
And this happened on a PVE server, so even if you enslaved her in some way, she can’t kill other players’ slaves under the original specifications!
And when the victim reported this to zendesk, they only received a completely unintelligible reply!

If it’s a problem with my computer or my connection, then it should be the same on any server.
But it’s not.

It’s not a problem with the hardware, this isn’t the first time it was reported.

Out of curiosity, do you check the decay timer on the stone after building it?

There was a problem about 6 months ago where, under some circumstances I couldn’t determine, random placeables like chests would have a much lower decay timer than the rest despite it touching the full build.

The chests would decay over that time or lose stability at server reset.

Not sure if it makes a difference but it would be interesting to check that.

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We use a repair hammer to check the time to deterioration for teleportation stones as well as building parts.
For all teleportation stones.
After all teleportation stones have been checked with a repair hammer, the time to deterioration is indicated as 240 hours.
And as I mentioned at the beginning, there is no record in the event log of the disappearance of teleportation stones due to deterioration.
If the stones disappear due to deterioration, they should be recorded in the event log.
Or is there no record in the event log when the teleportation stone disappears due to deterioration?


its a bug of the game happening for a long time now (over 3 months), this is not in relation with other players or cheating.

on siptah map, teleport stone can randomly disapear, especially when in area of the storm. but there is no logic, a teleport stone can be there for 10 days, and one day no more teleport stone, and event log saying nothing. or it will disapear in 2 days, or in 20 days, no logic.

try to build in an other area.


I’m with @azaroth about this.

It sounds like there are few bugs happening here.

So full timer ✓
On building pieces ✓

Disappears on server reset ✓
No event log entry ✓

Which means, to me, that there is something missing on one hand for the log entry. The other is it disappearing altogether and the biggest issue.

I wonder if it has a sped up decay?

I’m PVP and it always shows in logs if my teleporters get destroyed although this has not happened in some time. So, I’ll keep you updated if I experience this any time soon and if it shows in the logs for me.

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There are a total of 12 teleportation stones.
One of them is in the area where the maelstrom occurred.
But this one teleportation stone has never disappeared.
The teleportation stones have disappeared in three locations, all of which are far from the maelstrom area.
However, we now understand that the maelstrom could erase the teleportation stone without even keeping a record of it.

People playing this game in Japan say almost the same thing.
“This game is fun, but very buggy.”
I have the same opinion.
It is not only the teleportation stone problem.
It is also very frustrating to be disconnected 4 or 5 times in just a few minutes. (Sometimes I get disconnected with an error even when I’m not doing anything.)
It is also frustrating that enemies I kill or stun frequently turn invisible.
I know there will be another update, but I think they should fix the known issues first.

One more thing.
On the Asian server where I play, cheating by people from a certain country on a certain continent is rampant.
I would like to see a thorough crackdown on cheaters.

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This is typical on a lot of servers by that country. Not just Asian servers. I’m not sure why, but they’ve gotten a reputation for it. They play on more than just Asian servers.

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Not necessarily. since its about your connection to a specific server and there can be great variance in some ISPs. Particularly in some countries.

But this case does seem like an actual bug.

I hate to paint people with the same brush, but Ive also had bad experiences from Asian people in Conan servers in regards to exploits and stuff.

This bug has existed since AoS launch. Me and others have experienced it and the only way I’ve found to fix it is to drastically move the teleporter location (not just a foundation or 2 over but like 20 or 30 foundations away maybe more). What I’ve noticed is if you find a spot where a teleporter disappears like that it tends to do that in that spot on every server. Seems like there are specific locations that cause it.

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By the way you are doing fine with your English. Have heard of a bug/ cheat on YouTube a month ago or more allowing players to knock out Arena Champion and other not going into detail. @Lonelynorthwolf .some one we where playing with told us about it.

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We are on Playstation.