Teleported out of my base into the water past boundry and died

Server 6103 . I was building on the top of my base a lag spike occurred and I teleported about 100 ft from my base. This happened again when lag occurred while running back to my base and teleported me out in the deep water on the edge of the map. The third time a warning popped up about turn back before it too late then i died from drowning , lost all my stuff . this happened around 2:50 pm eastern time, 2 of my clanmates had this happen also

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Happened to me after crash in a vault. Didn’t restart the game again until the next day, because… When I did restart, the engine spawned me out of bounds. Tried swimming to shore. Died trying. Everything was lost.

Twice there was such nonsense. I was in the dungeon of the gremlins and there was a disconnect … I found myself in the sea without the opportunity to swim. - loot - nerves :smiley:

I had that happen too, luckily I was on private server and managed to port out of the water

I triggered this once by hitting a thrall with me nemdian helmet on. Each hit would spike the server and eventually people went into floors walls.

I sent the bug to the team pre last patch. It was an odd bug and my guess is it’s a server memory leak

Yeah I remember last year we had some particularly bad spiking on an official server and I ended up being flung off cliffs (when I had been standing still) and being flung through the green fence near the pocket (that hurt). With Siptah though if you check your dot on the map in certain vaults it is actually out over the water hence why we go swimming after a dc.

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