Anyone else experience this?

On official 6101 our ally clan was raiding a clan when a message popped up “Turn back now before it’s too late…” then it froze the entire clans connection and kicked them out of the game. They tried to screen capture it but the game froze before anyone could do anything and they all had to do a hard restart. We do have at least two hackers on the server (already reported with evidence) is this something they can do? I’ve never seen this before.

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pretty sure that’s the message I get when I swim out and hit Siptah’s invisible wall… it never kicks me out of game though… I just die.

Uhhh that’s really weird then. The base those guys were raiding was on mainland no where near the ocean. I wonder if this is a bug or if the server is severally messed up. That server does have a clan that’s meshing and I know that tends to jack stuff up.

It’s a bug in the game that tends to happen in certain areas on siptah I’ve had it happen on land and in water

That from green wall. Many hacker use that shit to pull you out the map to die. Happen me to when some hacker try raid us but thx god we hade bubbel on.

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Hmm that’s weird. I’ve played since siptah has been released and new ran into it doing it anywhere on land. Must be lucky.

We did have a speedhacker popping up in people’s bases clearing stuff out of builds. Wonder if that’s what it was.

Mabey I don’t know about what they can’t do but many time they teleport to you and summon u out from base