Terrible state of AI

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Good afternoon! I want to draw the attention of developers to the terrible state of AI. 1. Yesterday I went to the temple of Imir. In the room with the smithy, I went to the smithy, the enemies ran after them and fell under the textures. After that I killed them easily. Yes, mobs fall under the textures in this place with a probability of 100%. Then I went to the next room with the throne. And he killed the boss just jumping on a parapet two meters high. He just stood there and beat the air under me. 2. When I returned to my base, I found that I was attacked by a player. The archers simply gathered in a pile and breathed a poisonous gas. The wars inside also died of gas, so they ran up to the wall and rested against it.
What I want to see in the next patch:

  1. For mobs to learn to move away from the player, if they can not get it. This is an elementary solution to the problem. Kill the boss using the error will not be.
  2. Simplest attitudes of behavior for slaves of wars. I would like to see such an elementary thing, how to hold a position. And it would be epic if they learned to leave their clouds of poisonous gas.

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Yeah the AI is horrible.

But i doubt that this game will ever achieve a (mostly) bug free or at least an acceptible state. Just play it for a while as long as the fun lasts and drop it. Your efforts for improvements are well ment but futile i guess. Knowing Funcom since Anarchy Online (~15 years), owning several of their games, i can gurantee you that they will NEVER fix the game.
Funcom already moved on with their Mutants game

The AI is sad. Move in circles, enter water or go up\down stairs to see the AI unable to do anything to you. Lets roll out our dlc b4 we get the game running properly = greed.