Testing Mass cull

Any one else testing this? Seems great for wood in the forest but when I use it in an area with a lot of iron nodes; you all know the spots, I get 4/5 stone. Or is it just me?

After further testing it seems where not how many.The area around the bat tower gives 4/5 iron ore. So some areas iron nodes are better then others?

Anywho. I think mass cull is a misnomer. For me a cull is removing the weak animals from the heard. This spell has 0 effect on animals, so Mass Harvesting maybe?


What do you mean by 4/5? 80% of the nodes? 80% of the resources you normally would harvest? 4-5 nodes only?

From the area that’s predominantly iron nodes; the area east of the unnamed city right at the barrier, when I used mass harvest I got 1 iron ore to 4 stone. The area south east of the bat tower has a similar iron/stone node ratio but I got 4 iron ore to 1 stone; stacks.

Now I can’t say I have went through and measured, counted, and calculate this. I don’t get paid to alpha test any more so not putting in the effort like I used to.

last time used I this spell it took items from chests

Players chests or loot chests?

I haven’t tested yet, in dire need of raw ash. Will be testing.

loot chests unsure about player ones

I tested it, but doesn’t work on any containers for me.

Mass Culling seems to give a reduced amount when compared to collecting it through normal means. It does not seem to be a lot less, but less which makes some sense that this should have a drawback.

Most of my testing was based around star metal as there are very few reason to take the time and resources to use this spell on anything but. The exception could be made for already mentioned high iron areas which are notorious for containing nodes under the ground. If you also use the find rare resources spell you can find higher concentration areas that include these unreachable nodes. The spell creates a sphere around the caster and is able to reach in all directions a limited distance.

Realistically the only use for this will be to very quickly farm star metal and star metal alone. It seems to have a 100% rate of farming the star metal nodes versus the previous explosion methods which could fail or glitch. It is also easier to make a few level two pouches than farm up explosives on top of the failure rate. Theoretically you can fast track a small clan or single player experience with magic by farming sorcerers until you make your way to mass culling and going directly to star metal in a matter of hours on a new server.

From my observations I believe mass culling also procs with the new higher rare resource chance and double last hit feats. I would regularly get more iron from stone with the rare resource chance and more star metal from nodes on a double last hit feat.

Over all it would be neat to see more utility, even it limited, magic added to the game. I would happily trade away the two high end spells for two more useful spells. Mass culling is going to change the game in a big way.

I’m a builder, I over use it :blush:

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