Bugedy: Mass cull

Deep breath in… and exhale…
deep breath in… and exhale…

Mass cull no longer harvests gold or raw ash.


so? wasn’t very good at it, anyways. if you want to use it efficiently gather crystals with it, otherwise its still neat to clear up building space quickly.
sorry if that seems like i’m handwaving your concern away, not meaning it that way, its just i cannot see the issue, since you didn’t get much gold or ash from the spell in the first place, especially if you compare it to decent high tier pickaxes, and ESPECIALLY if you compare it to high tier pickaxes with the perk for gaining more rare ressources out of nodes.

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Broke is broke.

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could just be a balancing change because the spell was meant to harvest bigger amounts of basic ressources, not high end rare ones

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I’d appreciate it if you would quit offering up excuse for this bug.

It worked before the update, it should still work now, there for it is a bug that needs to be fixed, period.

the update included “balance changes” which could just as well mean they cut out or reduced droprates of rare ressources for that spell. i would appreciate it if you’d consider your opinion could also be not the correct one. we’re both speaking our thoughts and i just don’t think it has to be a bug

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And I think you’re wrong.

do you have reasoning for thinking that besides that you’d like that to be the case?

“Belief can be a powerful tool that shapes the will. In this place, belief can shape the world.”

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Back at ya.

there you go. i already spoke my reasoning, your turn mate.

There is no meat left on that bone.

Hi @DeaconElie and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Passed this information over to our design team.

:stuck_out_tongue: :smile:


no need to be smug here, i never said it IS a design decision, just that it could have been one.

that being said, you were correct apparently and my call was wrong, so there you go. about the feature itself i couldn’t care less about it as i explained, and i’m glad we’re both happy now

I just don’t get why you felt the need to argue about it? You say it was a moot subject, yet felt compelled to argue.

because your reasoning for your point was flawed, even if you ended up correct. and i didn’t appreciate your mocking way to express said point, so i felt the need to make a statement about it.

Did it hurt falling off that horse?

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nope, still riding, but will keep you posted

No. It was just passed to the team for them to act on as needed. If it was a balance change they will ignore it, if it’s a bug they might be able to fix it before the 1st.